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Limited Submission Opportunities (LSO) are extramural funding opportunities that limit the number applications submitted per institution. Researchers interested in submitting to a specific LSO must apply to an internal competition and be selected for full proposal submission to the opportunity's sponsor. Internal competitions help verify the eligibility of an applicant and ensure that another application has not already been selected to submit to a specific limited submission opportunity.

University of Utah LSO POrtal

How to Apply

The University of Utah uses InfoReady Review software to host and manage all internal competitions. A list of ALL available limited submissions can be found on the UofU InfoReady Competition Space. Candidates will be notified prior to the external deadline on whether they have been selected to submit a proposal on behalf of the University. 

If you are interested in applying to a limited submission opportunity that is NOT published on InfoReady, please contact as soon as you become aware of the opportunity. Failure to comply with this internal submission process may lead to the automatic rejection of a proposal selected by the University of Utah.

Application Materials

Application materials vary based on the competition. Details on what the applicant should include in their applciation package will be available on the InfoReady internal competition page.

All LSO internal competitions will require;

  • Applicant Contact Information 
  • Research Narrative that addresses the goals of the sponsor/program, and how the proposal will meet those goals
  • CV's or Biosketches of senior personnel
  • Anticipated Budget Outline

 Important/Upcoming Federal Limited Submission Opportunities

The University of Utah uses InfoReady Review software to host and manage all internal competitions for federal funding opportunities (NSF, NIH, DoD, DoE, etc.) The VPR Office will periodically update the below list of available federal limited submissions opportunites. (Note: The below chart contains an abbreviated list of opportuities. For ALL available limited submissions, please check the UofU InfoReady Competition Space.) 

Applications submitted to the below internal competitions will be reviewed by a campus-wide committee who will evaluate the likelihood that the proposed project will be funded by federal sponsor, and also ensure that a diversity of projects and disciplines are selected from different units on campus. Applicants will be notified of the final decisions with enough time to prepare a full proposal to the sponsor.

Available Federal Funding Opportunities

Internal Deadline 


Number of Allowed Submissions

 Enhancing Science, Technology, EnginEering, and Math Educational Diversity (ESTEEMED) Research Education Experiences (R25) - PAR-20-223  March 1, 2021 National Institutes of Health  One application per institution
NIH Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) (R25)  March 4, 2021 National Institutes of Health   One application per institution
NIH Prize for Enhancing Faculty Gender Diversity in Biomedical and Behavioral Science  April 16, 2021 National Institutes of Health One application per institution 

Corporate and Foundation Relations Limited Submission Opportunities

The University of Utah Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) program manages a number of corporate and foundation sponsored limited submission opportunites each year. CFR Limited Submissions are reviewed by a CFR Limited Submissions Committee that selects applications most likely to perpetuate success for the university and its faculty and that will meet the goals and missions of prestigious corporate and foundation funding sponsors. The tables below list the funding opportunities reviewed by the CFR Limited Submissions Committee:

Fall Funding Opportunities 

Internal Deadline 

Eligibility Requirements

Number Selected

Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists
September 1, 2020
Faculty in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering or Chemistry born in or after 1977
Three; one in each discipline.
Greenwall Foundation Faculty Scholars in Bioethics
September 1, 2020
junior faculty members holding at least 60% appointment in tenure series. 


Winter Funding Opportunities

Internal Deadline

 Eligibility Requirements

Number Selected

Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Awards Program

 November 2, 2020  Tenure track faculty in chemical sciences, including biochemistry, materials chemistry, and chemical engineering. One
Moore Inventor Fellows November 2, 2020 No more than 10 years past receiving the terminal advanced degree Two
David and Lucille Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering November 2, 2020 First three years of faculty career  Two 

Fay/Frank Seed Grant Program

November 2, 2020 Full-time Assistant Professor in area of brain function.  One


Spring Funding Opportunities

Internal Deadline

Eligibility Requirements

Number Selected

Brain Research Foundation TBD Full-time associate professor or full professor at an invited US academic institution.  One
Pew Biomedical Scholars TBD In rank assistant professor in the first three years of appointment.  One
Pathway to Stop Diabetes Program


Three awards for varying degree of investigators.  One
William T. Grant Scholars  TBD Early-career researchers within seven years of receiving a terminal degree. One
Searle Scholars Program TBD First assistant professor position beginning on or after July 1, 2019.



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Last Updated: 2/18/21