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Department of Energy Announces $78M for Research in High Energy Physics


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $78 million in funding for 58 research projects that will spur new discoveries in high energy physics. The projects—housed at 44 colleges and universities across 22 states—are exploring the fundamental science about the universe that also underlies technological advancements in medicine, computing, energy technologies, manufacturing, national security, and more.

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Limited Submission Opportunities (LSO) from DOE Office of Science


The DOE’s Office of Science recently published several new funding opportunities with limited submission requirements. Researchers interested in submitting to a specific Limited Submission Opportunity (LSO) must first apply to an internal competition and be selected for full proposal submission to the opportunity's sponsor. Internal competitions help verify the eligibility of an applicant and ensure that another application has not already been selected to submit to a specific limited submission opportunity.

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Department of Energy Announces Early Career Research Program for FY 2022


Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced it is accepting proposals for the 2022 DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program to support the research of outstanding scientists early in their careers. The program will support over 60 early career researchers for five years at U.S. academic institutions and DOE National Laboratories.

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Last Updated: 10/4/22