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Fall 2022 Foundation-Sponsored Limited Submission Opportunities

Limited Submissions, LSO

The University of Utah Foundation Relations team manages several limited submission opportunities sponsored by various Foundations each year. Foundations Limited Submissions are reviewed by a Foundations LSO Committee that selects applications most likely to: • Perpetuate success for the University; • Assist the selected faculty member in advancing their research; and • Meet the goals and expectations of the sponsor Fall 2022 Foundations Limited Submissions are listed below, with links to the InfoReady internal competition for each program. Interested faculty members must apply to the internal competition and be selected by the LSO Committee for each program.

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UHP Helium Allocation Request Program - September 2022 Competition

UHP Helium Allocation Request Program – September 2022 Competition

Deadline: September 1st, 2022 Click here to apply There is a global helium shortage that is reducing the amount of compressed helium the University of Utah receives each month. To engage this issue both in the short- and long-term, the University is launching a helium allocation request program to allocate the limited supply of helium we receive each month. Some of the compressed helium tanks we receive each month are marked for patient use; however, all remaining tanks will be allocated to the research community. In the interest of providing a fair and equitable process, all researchers/units with helium needs are asked to submit a 1-page request for helium. The 1-page request should: • Identify the researcher/unit. • Identify the research need. If there are time sensitive elements, then please articulate that in your description. • Identify the amount of helium needed and a timeline for use. The 1-page request should be single-spaced, 12-point, Time New Roman font. Requests for September 2022 distribution are due by 11:59pm on Thursday, September 1st, 2022. Please CLICK HERE to apply

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Nominations being accepted for $1M NSF Alan T. Waterman Award


The National Science Foundation (NSF) is currently accepting applications for the Alan T. Waterman Award. This annual award is a prestigious honor for early-career scientists and engineers, recognizing outstanding young researchers in any field of science or engineering. In addition to a medal, the awardee receives a discretionary grant of $1,000,000 over a five-year period for scientific research or advanced study in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, social or other sciences at an institution of their choice.

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Applications being accepted for Utah CTSI Community & Academic Partnership Pilot (CAPP) Program


The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences’ (NCATS) Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA) program seeks to develop and implement innovative solutions that will improve the efficiency, quality, and impact of the process for turning observations in the laboratory, clinic, and community into interventions that improve the health of individuals and communities.

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