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Course offering research integrity topics: MBIOL / PHIL 7570 – Case Studies in Research Ethics

The content of MBIOL / PHIL 7570 – Case Studies in Research Ethics has recently been updated to maintain compliance with the latest (February 2022) revision by the NIH to the subject matter required for this course (which satisfies the Responsible Conduct of Research [RCR] training requirements of both the NIH and NSF).  This in-person CR / NC academic course covers the following topics in research integrity: research misconduct & policy; conflicts of interest & commitment; human subjects research; animal subjects research; collaboration & interdisciplinarity; data acquisition & ethical use; authorship, peer review, & publication; mentorship in a safe environment; and the scientist as a responsible member of society.  The course also covers professionalization skills while fostering a sense of research community and connection along with awareness of how and when to ask for ethical, institutional, or professional help—should the need arise.

Registration is still open and available for those sections of MBIOL 7570 and PHIL 7570 which run during the second-half session of Fall 2022. Class begins October 17. The course will not be offered during the Spring 2023 semester.

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Last Updated: 10/4/22