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NSF Civic Innovation Challenge

MetroLab is supporting a federal government research and action competition that funds ready-to-implement, research-based pilot projects that have the potential for scalable, sustainable, and transferable impact on community-identified priorities. The Civic Innovation Challenge (“CIVIC”), aims to flip the community-university dynamic, inviting communities to identify civic priorities ripe for innovation and to then partner with researchers to address those priorities. CIVIC is a 2-stage competition providing 6-month planning grants of $50K in Stage 1 with a downselection to full awards of $1M over 12 months in Stage 2. 
NSF is accepting proposals to the second CIVIC cohort from now until May 5th that focus on one of the following two community-identified priorities:

  • Living in a changing climate: pre-disaster action around adaptation, resilience, and mitigation; or
  • Resource & service equity: Bridging the gap between essential resources and services & community needs

For more information on the solicitation, please go to the NSF CIVIC website here.

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Last Updated: 3/1/22