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How Translation Services Help Increase Diverse Research Participants

When attempting to connect with our community to help bring diversity in research, language can be a barrier.

In Utah, there are 129 distinct languages spoken and 22% of residents speak a language other than English at home. Reducing the language barrier not only builds trust but also connects potential participants with researchers.

The Office of Research Participation Advocacy (RPA) continues its dedication to advancing diversity in research at the University of Utah. Thanks to the RPA’s Research Impact Series, the office has:

  • Translated research consent forms into 38 different languages
  • Developed 13 audio recordings to date for those with low literacy in their native language or visual impairments.
  • Provided translation services to almost 312 research projects since 2019

“To address the lack of diversity in research, we have to start by removing barriers to access,” said Sadie Gabler, director of the RPA. “By eliminating the language barrier, we can engage in meaningful communication with members of our community that speak a language other than English. From there, we can start to build trust and strengthen relationships.”

For more information on the RPA and how it is bridging the gap between our non-English community members and researchers, go to the website here.

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Last Updated: 6/23/22