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Internal Funding Opportunities

Helium Alternative Technology Seed Grant Program
Deadline: 11:59pm (MST) on September 30, 2022
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To address short- and long-term helium shortages, there is a need for new and innovative helium alternative technology. To that end, we invite researchers at the University of Utah to apply for seed grant funding (up to $35,000) to develop helium alternative technology.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until 11:59pm on Friday, September 30, 2022. Applications will be accepted via InfoReady. Faculty members who hold at least a .50 FTE appointment are eligible to apply.

Application Requirements

  1. Proposal Narrative (up to 1.0 page max): The proposal narrative must be limited to one single-spaced page with a font size of 12 points. The narrative must include:
    • Project goals or research questions/aims, plan of action or research methods, planned outcomes, and plan for dissemination.
    • Up to 10 keywords that help identify the key objectives, disciplines, research types, and associated departments of the proposal.
      Example: DEI, global, air quality, interview research, and junior faculty.
  2. Extramural Funding Plan (up to 1.0 page max): All applicants must submit a plan for identifying and applying to external funding as result of the award. This plan should include all targeted funding opportunities (with sponsor name, program title, and link to program solicitation.)
  3. Budget Outline: Please use the VPR Budget Template when completing this section. Budgets should be well-justified, accurate, and reflect the full scope of the proposed work. In exceptional circumstances the committee may elect to support an outstanding proposal at a higher level of funding. If additional funding is needed, substantial justification is required.
  4. Abbreviated CV OR Biographical Sketch: Please provide the abbreviated CV or biographical sketch of each investigator listed on the project. Bio sketches are not required for associated parties who will not be considered PI or Co-PI on the project. 
  5. Health, Safety, and Compliance Documentation: The applicant must submit evidence that the proposal has been submitted to the required health, safety, and compliance officials, including Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for research on human subjects, and IACUC approval for research involving comparative medicine. Note: The VPR Office will not release funds for an awarded project if not approved by the relevant health, safety, and compliance officials. Documentation of relevant IRB and/or IACUC application submissions must be provided with grant application for the application to be considered.
  6. Appendices & Attachments (up to 2 pages max – optional): Examples of relevant attachments include applicant’s relevant publications (include first page of publication or link to publication), descriptions of how the project will be disseminated to the public, etc. Appendices & Attachments should be kept to a minimum.


Review Process
Applications will be reviewed by a campus-wide committee who will evaluate the likelihood that the proposed project will be funded by the sponsor and ensure that a diversity of projects and disciplines are selected from different units on campus.

Please contact Tyler Matsamas with any questions regarding the internal application process and/or InfoReady software. 

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Last Updated: 7/18/22