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Corporate Sponsored Funding

PIVOT Center works with companies to thoroughly understand their R&D goals and match them to research goals of the appropriate faculty members at the University of Utah. PIVOT’s Corporate Engagement team works across all schools and units to facilitate partnerships and offer expertise on identifying opportunities that include grant funding, sponsored research and creating strategic corporate partnerships. PIVOT also provides guidance to faculty for successful stewardship. Please contact Sadhna Kohli (Director of Corporate Engagement) for more information regarding these opportunities, or if you have any questions.

Pfizer: BRAF-Mutant Melanoma: Treatment Selection and Side Effect Management
Amount: $100,000
Deadline: April 2, 2021 

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on: 

  1. Increasing understanding of clinical data to inform treatment selection for patients with BRAF-mutant melanoma 
  1. Increasing understanding of treatment side effects and how they can be managed by providers involved in the care of patients with BRAF-mutant melanoma 

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Pfizer: Education and Support for Patients with Locally-Advanced or Metastatic Bladder Cancer
Amount: $150,000
Deadline:April 7, 2021 

The intent of this RFP is to support independent education initiatives for patients with locally-advanced or metastatic bladder cancer and their caregivers.    

The goal is to increase understanding of 1st line maintenance treatment and overall treatment options in the 1st line setting for locally-advanced or metastatic bladder cancer.  

Grants available to patient-focused organizations working in the bladder cancer area interested in developing educational materials or resources for patients including:  

  • Novel decision-making tools to support provider-patient decision making and drive patient engagement in their care. 
  • Innovative communication channels, digital programs, and enduring resources 

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Pfizer: Quality Improvement Grants to Support Development of Cardiac Amyloid Centers
Amount: $50,000
Deadline: April 8th, 2021 

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on supporting the development of cardiac amyloid centers that provide leadership, best practices, support and/or training of HCPs within a multidisciplinary team environment in order to improve the quality of care for patients with ATTRCM. 

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Pfizer: Management of Patients with BRAF-mutant metastatic colorectal cancer
Amount: $200,000
Deadline:April 9, 2021 

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on:  

  • Increasing the understanding of the relatively poor prognosis of BRAF-mutant mCRC compared to non-BRAF-mutant mCRC1,  
  • Improving the integration of biomarker testing results into treatment of patients with mCRC, and,  
  • Increasing the understanding of mCRC treatment outcomes and side effect management.  

It is not our intent to support clinical research projects via this RFP. Projects evaluating the efficacy of therapeutic or diagnostic agents will not be considered. 

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Pfizer: IBD Fellow Training in US
Amount: $300,000
Deadline:April 12, 2021 

Rates of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are increasing across the globe, and there are many complexities around management and patient care. Meeting this growing need requires developing a workforce that is specifically trained in the care of IBD patients. It is not entirely practical to expect that the traditional three-year Gastroenterology (GI) fellowship program can adequately address more than the traditional scope of GI care. Therefore, Pfizer seek to provide funding through this RFP to support programs that will encourage collaboration between the existing US IBD Fellowship sites, with a goal to develop training program(s) that aim to achieve consistency across these Fellowship program sites. 

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Pfizer: Closing Knowledge Gaps in Transthyretin Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM)
Amount: $150,000
Deadline: April 15th, 2021 

Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on improving the care of patients by:  

  • Educating [HCPs] to increase awareness and enable appropriate patient identification by closing knowledge gaps in disease epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and emerging treatment paradigms. 
  • Addressing barriers to appropriate diagnosis and strategies that reduce burdens for patients and providers along the pathway to appropriate diagnosis 
  • Exploring strategies that empower patients to play an active role in understanding TTR amyloidosis and decision making regarding available diagnostic and treatment options 
  • Increasing awareness of the changing epidemiology of TTR amyloidosis with a focus on the prevalence of hereditary ATTR and wild-type ATTR subtypes as the science continues to evolve 
  • Increasing awareness of at risk and undiagnosed populations with TTR amyloidosis with a focus on improving strategies that facilitate the appropriate diagnosis of patients early in the disease course before overt cardiomyopathy has ensued [e.g. populations with electrical disturbances, valvular disease, orthopedic 

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ADDF-Harrington Scholar Program: 
Amount: $600,000 over 2 years
Deadline: LOI Submission Deadline April 23, 2021 

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) and Harrington Discovery Institute have partnered to form the ADDF-Harrington Scholar program. The program recognizes physicians or scientists across the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, who are doing research to develop drugs to prevent, treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease. The award provides funding and drug development support to help bridge the gap between basic discovery and the clinical realm.  

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Facebook: Request for proposals on sample-efficient sequential Bayesian decision making
Amount: $25,000-50,000
Deadline:April 21, 2021 

Facebook is pleased to invite faculty to respond to this call for research proposals. In order to support academic work that addresses their challenges and opportunities while producing generalizable knowledge, Facebook is pleased to offer two research awards of $50,000 and $25,000, respectively. Awards will be made as unrestricted gifts to the principal investigator’s host university. Awardees will be invited to present and engage in discussion with researchers at Facebook. 

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Pfizer: NSCLC Therapy Management for Optimal Outcomes
Amount: $150,000
Deadline:May 5, 2021 

  • Projects that will be considered for Pfizer support will focus on development of an algorithm or tool to guide the optimal treatment and support of patients with ALK or ROS1 re-arranged NSCLC. 
  • The output of the project can be electronic (e.g. EMR-based or Application-based) or paper (e.g. published or freely available to download). 
  • Therapy-management guidance is needed at all lines of treatment (e.g., first-line 1L, second-line 2L) and should include anticipated and pro-active management of side effects (neurocognitive, lipidemic etc.) 
  • Support is available to institutions interested in developing a therapy management tool that can used at their own center and also be made widely available to others through publication and other dissemination strategies. It is not our intent to support clinical research projects. 
  • Projects evaluating the efficacy of therapeutic or diagnostic agents will not be considered.   

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Pfizer: Pre-clinical & Translational Research in Multiple Myeloma
Amount: $150,000
Deadline:May 17, 2021 

Only pre-clinical projects with a focus on these areas of interest will be considered for Pfizer support at this time: 

  • Correlation between soluble B-cell Maturation Antigen (sBCMA) at baseline with FLC, M-spike, deepness of overall response, MRDnegativity, and response to prior therapy 
  • Understanding the kinetics of sBCMA vs long-term responses (e.g., DoR, PFS, OS) 
  • Mechanisms of resistance (e.g., role of sBCMA in resistance/relapse; downregulation of membrane bound BCMA; T-cell exhaustion) 
  • Correlation between Soluble BCMA and BCMA expression on myeloma cells 
  • Impact of prior treatment with BCMA-targeting agents on BCMA expression and sBCMA levels 
  • Mechanistic understanding of the impact of anti-myeloma agents (e.g., IMiDs, anti-CD38, proteasome inhibitors, dexamethasone) on elranatamab-mediated T-cell activation and anti-myeloma activity 
  • Exploring in-vitro or in-vivo novel combinations with elranatamab (PF06863135) Zuckerman Scholars enjoy unique programming and activities organized especially for them by their host universities and the Zuckerman Institute in Israel, including touring, educational experiences, and social programs. These activities are designed to strengthen the scholars’ knowledge of and connection to Israel, and cultivate an esprit de corps, exchange of ideas, and foster new relationships. 

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Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: Ancestry Networks for the Human Cell Atlas RFA
Amount: Varies
Deadline:May 21, 2021 

This Request for Applications (RFA) is intended to bring together teams of experts to 1) ethically and appropriately generate data derived from tissues from people whose ancestral groups are historically understudied and thereby expand the ancestral diversity of single-cell data that is available via the HCA, and 2) utilize best practices and build up systems to enable long-term engagement of potential participants and donors from diverse communities to contribute to the current and future drafts of the HCA. This work will help provide insights into the contribution of genetic ancestry to disease now and in the future, resulting in an atlas that may be more generalizable and representative of the diversity found in the global human population. 

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