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Corporate Funding Opportunities

PIVOT Center works with companies to thoroughly understand their R&D goals and match them to research goals of the appropriate faculty members at the University of Utah. PIVOT’s Corporate Engagement team works across all schools and units to facilitate partnerships and offer expertise on identifying opportunities that include grant funding, sponsored research and creating strategic corporate partnerships. PIVOT also provides guidance to faculty for successful stewardship. Please contact Sadhna Kohli (Director of Corporate Engagement) for more information regarding these opportunities, or if you have any questions.

Johnson & Johnson-Immunology Innovations QuickFire Challenge: Precision Medicine in Immune-Mediated Disease
Amount: Up to $500,000
Deadline: January 14, 2022

Specific disease areas of focus for this challenge include gastroenterology, rheumatology, dermatology, fetal-maternal diseases, autoantibody-mediated diseases, and other immune-mediated diseases where a stratified approach has the potential to be transformational for patients. 

Innovators with transformative potential solutions to help or aim to advance precision medicine approaches in immune-mediated diseases are invited to apply. This may include: 

  • Novel approaches toward patient stratification and precision medicine that can be harnessed in immune-mediated diseases including: 
    • Multidimensional biomarker discovery platforms, including those with AI/ML based analytics 
    • Deep patient clinical and molecular phenotyping data sets 
    • Novel biomarkers for patient segmentation including digital and imaging biomarkers 
  • Novel therapies with clear precision medicine strategy to address a defined patient segment 
  • Enabling technologies for clinical trials: 
    • Potential solutions aiming to identify and recruit specific patient sub-populations 
    • Potential solutions aiming to resolve technical issues associated with large scale PBMC collection and preparation for multiomics analysis 
    • High dimensional blood immune profiling platforms (e.g., cellular, autoantibodies, complement, proteomics, exosomes, mass spec) 
    • Tissue based single cell RNA sequencing 

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Last Updated: 11/23/21