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Faculty Small Grant Program (FSGP)

Fall 2021 Faculty Small Grant Program (FSGP)
Deadline: Friday, October 1st, 2021 by 5:00pm MST
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The Faculty Small Grant Program (FSGP) seeks to support significant research and creative scholarly projects in colleges that experience difficulty obtaining extramural funding. This program will provide faculty with grants up to $6,000 for a period of two years to support scholarly projects and publications. In exceptional circumstances the committee may elect to support an outstanding proposal at a higher level of funding. Proposals are evaluated on their significance, soundness, merit, and likelihood of successful completion.

Eligibility Requirements
Faculty who hold at least a .50 FTE appointment are eligible to apply. Recipients of University Research Committee (URC) grants must submit a final report within three months of the award end date, and close out any remaining URC funds before they are eligible to reapply for any URC program. Any applications received from an applicant who has not closed out a previous URC grant, or has not submitted the final report for any previous projects, will not be considered by the URC. The funding for a Faculty Fellowship Award and a Faculty Small Grant Program may be used jointly. 

Length of Grants
The grant activity will close two years after the award date. Any remaining funds will be returned to the URC. A single, 6-month no-cost extension will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. Recipients of the URC grants must submit a Final Report (via InfoReady) within 3 months of the award end-date.

Final Report Information
The recipient of any University Research Committee (URC) grant mechanism (FSGP, FFA, or CBR awards) is required to submit a one-page, single-spaced Final Report within three months of the project’s end-date, as outlined in your original award letter. The URC will not consider new applications from an investigator until a final report is received for ALL previous URC grants awarded to that investigator.

Application Requirements

  1. Abstract (up to 1.0 page max)
    • Abstract should include project goals or research questions, plan of action or research methods, planned outcomes, and plan for dissemination.

  2. Recommended Faculty Reviewers
    • Please list five recommended University of Utah affiliated faculty reviewers (with a title, department , e-mail address, and phone number for each reviewer.) Two of your recommended reviewers should affiliated with your department, and three should be external to your department. The Dean, Associate Deans, and Department Chairs of the PI(s)/Applicant(s) Department/College cannot be reviewers on the PI's application. Do not recommend anyone with a potential conflict of interest.
    • The URC strongly urges that recommended reviewers be notified by the applicant prior to being listed in the application. Failure to receive the required faculty reviews may negatively affect the application.

  3. Proposal Narrative (up to 3 pages max)
    • The proposal narrative must be limited to three typed, single-spaced pages with a font size of 12 points. A one-page bibliography may also be submitted. Those with more than 3 pages will be returned to the applicant without committee review.
    • The proposal narrative must include; a clear description of the project with strong objectives, specific research questions/creative objectives, justification for the project, and a detailed, concise description of methodology and procedure.
    • The proposal narrative should also contain references or a review of the relevant literature to demonstrate the applicant is knowledgeable about background material, and that the proposed project will not duplicate research already undertaken by other researchers.

  4. Budget Outline
    • Please use the FSGP Budget Guidelines and Restrictions as well as the URC Budget Template Sheet when completing this section. Budgets should be well-justified, accurate, and reflect the full scope of the proposed work. In general, budgets should not exceed the $6,000 award amount. In exceptional circumstances the committee may elect to support an outstanding proposal at a higher level of funding. If additional funding is needed, substantial justification is required.

  5. CV/Biographical Sketch 
    • Please provide the CV or biographical sketch of each investigator listed on the project. Bio sketches are not required for associated parties who will not be considered PI or Co-PI on the project. Note: abbreviated CV’s are encouraged.

  6. Health, Safety, and Compliance Documentation
    • The applicant must submit evidence that the proposal has been submitted to the required health, safety, and compliance officials, including; Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for research on human subjects, and IACUC approval for research involving comparative medicine.
    • The URC will not release funds for an awarded project if not approved by the relevant health, safety, and compliance officials. Documentation of relevant IRB and/or IACUC application submissions must be provided with grant application for the application to be considered.

  7. Appendices & Attachments (up to 2 pages max – optional)
    • Appendices & Attachments should be kept to a minimum. Examples of relevant attachments include; applicant’s relevant publications, descriptions of how the project will be disseminated to the public, plans and strategies for seeking extramural funding, etc.
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Last Updated: 8/30/21