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Extramural Funding

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced it is now accepting proposals for the Fiscal Year 2021 DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program to support the research of outstanding scientists early in their careers. The Program will support over 50 early career researchers for five years at U.S. academic institutions and DOE national laboratories.

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Intramural Funding

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The Distinguished Research Award recognizes outstanding achievements in scholarly or creative research by University of Utah tenured faculty. The URC will provide up to three awards for creative or scholarly achievements. Nominations are received once per year for this award.

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Limited Submissions

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Limited Submissions are extramural funding opportunities that limit the number applications submitted per institution. Faculty that are interested in applying for a limited submission that is not posted on InfoReady must contact the Office of the Vice President for Research to verify their eligibility and ensure that another application has not been selected to submit. Failure to comply with this internal submission process may lead to the automatic rejection of a proposal selected by the University of Utah.

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Corporate & Foundation Funding

The University of Utah Corporate and Foundation Relations program can help build a relationship between you and potential private funding partners. Our team can advise on strategic approaches, arrange visits, review draft proposals and help translate ideas into fundable projects or programs.

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Research Education - REd

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The Office of Research Education (REd) provides “comprehensive training and learning opportunities and resources for faculty, students and staff engaged in responsible conduct of research at the University of Utah.” The primary goals of the REd Office are to:

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