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Call for Applications - R01 Writing Groups

Submitting a first successful R01 is a major challenge. The University's KL2 program, a part of the Center for Clinical and Translational Science, is organizing R01 writing groups that will include up to five NIH-defined new investigators who are pursuing their first R01 NIH award (or equivalent). Each group will be headed by one or two senior faculty members with extensive success with NIH awards and study section reviewer experience. The groups will foster peer and senior mentoring to produce top quality grant submissions. This team approach has been used nationally to increase success with obtaining first R01s.  

The Plan 

  1. The first meeting for the groups will be scheduled during the week of August 17, 2020.  This meeting will focus on the specific aims of each faculty member pursuing their first R01 level grant.  
  2. After that, the groups will continue to meet every other week to revise their aims until the end of September 2020. 
  3. In October and November 2020, groups will meet to provide guidance and feedback on the Research Strategy (research plan, significance and innovation, budget and other materials). 
  4. On December 16th 2020 there will be a mock study section from 1-5 PM. The junior faculty's content mentor or primary mentor will be expected to participate. 
  5. In February 2021, the R01 will be  submitted. 

Admission will be competitive based on a review of the specific aims, biosketch, and preliminary data. Application documents should include: 

  1. Current Specific Aims Draft 
  2. Biosketch 
  3. Preliminary Data supporting the aims. 

Applications are due  August 6, 2020  by emailing necessary documents to Jennifer Zitterkoph and/or Maureen Murtaugh. 

Please encourage your faculty who meet new investigator status (never had an R01 or equivalent as PI) to participate.  For questions about program content, or for administrative support, contact  Jennifer Zitterkoph. 

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Last Updated: 4/13/21