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New Practices for Cost Sharing and Matching

In order to coordinate and facilitate the provision of central funds for cost sharing, the University has developed new policies and practices for handling these requests, effective August 1, 2020.

The University wants to support as many proposals as possible, but resources are limited. For this reason, the responsibility for funding the cost share commitment lies with the department/college. However, after maximizing department and/or college resources, the University may provide funding for the remaining difference (“Institutional Cash Contribution”) to meet the cost share requirements.

The Institutional Cash Contribution provided by the University may alter the F&A distribution to a department/college. The University anticipates the cost share amount will be less than or equal to the anticipated F&A collected from the project. If the Institutional Cash Contribution is more than the anticipated F&A collected, approval is unlikely. Please also note that if the anticipated F&A is less than 5% of the Institutional Cash Contribution, the department/college will support the administrative burden of tracking commitments and actual allocations by providing a Chartfield to pay the difference.

Units are encouraged to maximize pre-existing allowable resources, which will have the net effect of reducing the Institutional Cash Contribution and increasing the amount of returned F&A. For additional information, please visit OSP.

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Last Updated: 4/13/21