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Research Administration Assessment: Survey Response Needed from All Researchers and Research Administration

Dear Colleagues,

A key objective for the University of Utah is to provide an effective infrastructure to serve faculty and researchers engaged in seeking, applying for, receiving, and managing competitively awarded grant funding. Starting next month, the University of Utah will begin working with Huron Consulting Group to assess the university’s administration of externally funded proposals and awards. The broad goal of this assessment is to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative processes at the U in order to optimize our resources to better support and advance our research mission. 

As part of this assessment, Huron will be administering an online survey to a representative sample of faculty, researchers and administrators engaging with or supporting externally funded proposal and award administration. The objective is to solicit feedback focused on the following research administration functions: 1) proposal development, review, and submission, 2) award set up, and 3) non-financial award management. 

You were identified by Utah’s research leadership as a stakeholder who can provide valuable information to the Huron team, and we would appreciate if you would agree to providing feedback and input via the survey. Your candid feedback will help us to identify successful operations as well as areas for further improvement to research administration for both researchers and administrators. Responses are strictly confidential and will not be identified with any specific individual. The summary feedback and findings from this survey will be shared with Utah research administration leadership.

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Last Updated: 4/13/21