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Lessons Learned Regarding Chemical Exposure on Campus

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Lessons Learned: Chemical Exposure. While checking on the progress of an ongoing gas sensor test a post-doctoral researcher was exposed to a chemical known as cadaverine when an over pressurization event dislodged a flask stopper spraying the chemical onto the post doc's face.

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DEA Statement for UofU Faculty Members, Employed Institutional Veterinarians, and Research Staff

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Faculty, institutional veterinarians, certain research staff, and other University of Utah employees who are required to obtain a DEA registration number as part of their official University of Utah duties (collectively RESEARCHER) are exempt from paying application or renewal fees, so long as the RESEARCHER is acting within the scope of his or her official state duties and his or her only direct compensation is provided by an agency of the State of Utah (e.g., University of Utah, University of Utah School of Medicine, University of Utah College of Pharmacy, etc.).

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NEXUS' Core Facilities - Focus Group Room Available


NEXUS’ Core Facilities at Gardner Commons house a Focus Group Room. The room has a projection screen for groups, can record audio/video in the attached observation room which is separated via a two-way mirror and opens new avenues of research with individuals of diverse groups.

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F&A Updates Town Hall Announcement

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The Office of the Vice President for Research would like to invite you to join us for one of two town halls to discuss how F&A is used and distributed at the University of Utah. Each town hall is open to all faculty, staff, post-docs, and students, and will consist of a presentation and open house style Q&A session.

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Research Culture Survey

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You are invited to participate in the University of Utah’s Survey of Organizational Research Climate. We are asking you to help the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance assess our current climate for scholarly and research integrity by completing an online survey that will take less than 10 minutes.

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Last Updated: 4/13/21