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Call for Applications for R01 Writing Groups

Submitting your first successful R01 is a major challenge, but there is a way to make that task more productive and enjoyable! The University of Utah's  KL2 Program(part of the Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science (Utah CCTS) is organizing R01 writing groups that will include up to 5-7 junior faculty members each that are pursuing their first R01 NIH award (or equivalent). Each group will be headed by one or two senior faculty members with extensive success with NIH awards and study section reviewer experience. The groups will foster peer and senior mentoring to produce top quality grant submissions. 

To register, please contact Sarah Elliott with a copy of your Specific Aims, Preliminary Data, Biosketch, and Letter of Support from your Department supporting the time and effort to participate in the program. Applications are due by November 11, 2019 

If you have specific questions about the R01 Writing Group program content or qualifications,
please contact either Dr. Maureen Murtaugh or Dr. David Turok. 

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Last Updated: 4/13/21