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Research Highlight: Treadport Project

Virtual Reality treadmill

The University of Utah is committed to developing cutting-edge technology to enhance the human condition on local, national, and global scales. Our research community continues to push the limits of innovation through highly competitive and interdisciplinary research efforts. Primary investigators on the Treadport Project, Associate Professors K. Bo Foreman, PhD; Andrew Merryweather, PhD; Mark Minor, PhD; and Professor John Hollerbach, PhD, are no exceptions to that objective. We asked these research pioneers to tell us a little more about their ground-breaking project, and how cross-campus collaboration is essential to produce multi-faceted research.

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Radioactive Material Use and Contamination Surveys

black u

If laboratory personnel do not monitor themselves or their area periodically throughout their procedure, or following the end of use of material, then there is a chance that radioactive contamination may spread. If this contamination spreads to locations outside the authorized radiation use area (e.g. walking out the radiation laboratory with contaminated shoes), this could lead to a closure of larger areas, including entire buildings.

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Limited Submissions

limited submissions

Limited Submissions are extramural funding opportunities that limit the number applications submitted per institution. Faculty that are interested in applying for a limited submission that is not posted on InfoReady must contact the Office of the Vice President for Research to verify their eligibility and ensure that another application has not been selected to submit. Failure to comply with this internal submission process may lead to the automatic rejection of a proposal selected by the University of Utah.

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Extramural Funding


The Research Development Office helps University of Utah researchers and scholars identify federal funding opportunities, form effective teams, and craft winning proposals, with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality and quantity of externally-funded research and scholarly activity at the U of U. Call Gay Cookson at 1-4168 if you are interested in applying for an opportunity listed below.

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Last Updated: 4/13/21