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University Strategy for Oracle Java Cost Model Change

Oracle is changing the cost model for their Java products and support. While historically their Java products and support have been free, in the near future the company will begin charging fees for licensing, support, and maintenance of their implementations of Java. This will affect past, current, and future releases. 

University of Utah and U Health IT leaders are actively investigating feasible solutions to this new challenge. We anticipate that the best solution will be a campus-wide license and are working toward that goal. The data so far show this will be the most cost effective and efficient way to proceed. 

As the U’s IT leaders work toward a common solution, please help us with the following: 

do not: 

  •       Pursue individual or department/college/office Oracle Java SE subscriptions
  •       Invest effort or resources on Java testing and migration work related to alternate Java solutions (e.g., Azul, AmazonCorretto,AdoptOpenJDK, RedHat). 


  •       Take stock of and document how your organization uses Java in the systems and applications you support.
  •       Tell us as soon as possible if you have unique specific use cases that will help us develop the best possible solution. Let us know by contacting your local IT support staff or your central IT.
  •       Forward this message to colleagues who may be affected so that they are aware of the university’s strategy in response to Oracle’s cost structure changes.

If you have any questions, please contact your local IT support staff or your central IT Help Desk (main campus:Help Deskor 801-581-4000 x1; U Health: UHealth Help Desk or 801-587-6000). 


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Last Updated: 4/13/21