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Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research Mentor Development Program Registration Open

The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Mentor Development Program is to increase the capacity of the University of Utah to provide high-quality research mentors for undergraduate students. Participation in the program is available to University of Utah graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. Upon successful completion of the program, graduate students and post-docs will be eligible to serve in the place of ‘faculty mentors’ in the context of the Office of Undergraduate Research’s funding programs.

The Fall 2019 Undergraduate Research Mentor Development Program (URMDP) registration will open 8am on Friday, July 19! You can register for the program HERE. Before registering, please review the details of our Fall 2019 program, and make sure you will be able to attend at least four out of five of the in-person meetings. Below is the program structure and mentoring modules for the program. Please contact Stephanie Shiver with any questions.

Program Structure

  • Six online (Canvas) modules plus five in-person discussion sessions
  • NOTE: For the purpose of postdoctoral researchers and graduate studentswho are participating in order to serve as UROP mentors, successful completion of the Mentor Development Program is defined as follows: Completing all Canvas modules by their deadlines and attending at least four of the five in-person sessions. Those who successfully compete the Mentor Development Program during the Fall 2019 semester are eligible to serve as Spring 2020 UROP mentors (student deadline in November 2019).

Required work is due prior to the beginning of the associated in-person meeting.

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