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Intramural Funding

Utah Genome Project: Functional Analysis Pilot Grant Program
Deadline: February 28, 2019

The Utah Genome Project is pleased to announce support for the 2019 round of Functional Analysis Pilot Grants, continuing and significantly expanding the program that began last year. The UGP plans to award 4‐7 one‐year grants in 2019, up to $50,000 each, to support the generation of preliminary data for extramural grant applications. The overall goal is to foster extramural support for projects focused on functional studies assessing the impact of disease‐associated human sequence variants, providing translational insight at levels from the individual molecule to the whole organism.

Please see the attached PDF entitled “Functional Analysis Pilot Grant Program” for more details.

Center on Aging Annual Grant Program
Deadline: March 22, 2019, 11:59pm (MST)

The Center on Aging sponsors an annual grant program to promote the development of aging research at the University of Utah. The goal of this program is to encourage new investigator career development, attract established investigators to aging research, and stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations – ultimately leading to new externally funded research.  

New this year, to complement the Vice President for Research Office’s new seed grant application process that supports competitive seed grant programs within each college that aligns with that college’s specific needs, we especially encourage applications from two or more investigators (ideally from two or more colleges) who are establishing an interdisciplinary research collaboration in an aging-related interest area. We anticipate awarding up to five one-year $20,000 projects.

RFP Link

Any questions please contact either Dr. Mark Supiano or Heather Podolan.

“Innovations in Aging Research” Request for Proposals
Deadline: May 17, 2019, 11:59pm (MST)

The Center on Aging is pleased to announce a new “Innovations in Aging Research” Request for Proposals (RFP).  This RFP is distinct from the Pilot Grant program RFP that was announced last month. The CoA leadership recognizes that today there are unprecedented opportunities to advance aging research, and that these advances will most likely be driven by new, interprofessional collaborations in team-based approaches. The target of this new Innovations RFP is to reach beyond a single investigator-initiated award by supporting the development of larger, multi-investigator projects based on a thematic area. The goal of this program is to promote collaborations and provide funding support to enhance preliminary/project data that will allow competitive applications for multi-PI extramural funding by the NIH or other agencies and foundations, such as multi-PI R01s and P01s and center grants (P30, P60 and others).

RFP Link

Any questions please contact either Dr. Mark Supiano or Heather Podolan.

University Seed Fund Application Period Opens in Spring
Contact TVC if you are intending to apply

The university’s seed fund, administered by the Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC), fills a funding gap in the commercialization process between provisional patent application and the licensing of a technology. The fund helps faculty inventors achieve critical commercialization milestones that are needed to attract potential licensees, entrepreneurs, and investors. The previous funding cycle (Fall 2018) resulted in six awards with an average award of $30,000.

The next funding cycle will be announced in the spring. If you are planning to apply, please send a brief letter of intent to your TVC technology manager, who will apprise you of the current status of your intellectual property and advise you on your potential application. If you are not currently working with a technology manager, please contact Danuta Petelenz, Grant Manager, at 801.213.3585, who will direct you to the appropriate faculty liaison. Danuta can also answer any questions about the process.

We look forward to working our faculty and staff to help advance your technologies and inventions.

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