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Intramural Funding

Community-Based Research Program
Deadline: February 15, 2019

Program Purpose

The Community-Based Research (CBR) Grant Program encourages collaborative research that involves both University and local, regional and/or statewide community partners.  This program is intended to promote scholarship and the dissemination of knowledge from existing University-community partnerships with the intent that they produce scholarly articles and/or demonstrate significant potential to receive extramural funding. The award is available to faculty in all disciplines and will provide up to $20,000 in funding.


Career-line and Tenure-line faculty with a minimum of two years at the University who hold at least a 0.75 FTE appointment are eligible to apply.

An applicant is limited to one application per cycle, whether individually or in combination with others. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure collaborators do not have competing interests. In the case where an application is funded, the applicant is not eligible to compete in future CBR grant cycles for three years from the activation date of the successful proposal.

If an application has been turned down by the review panel, the applicant is allowed one re-submission of a revised proposal on the same subject. Revised proposals must indicate changes from the previous proposal and respond to reviewer comments in a point-by-point fashion.

For more information of the Community-Based Research Program please visit the Community Based Research Program page. Applications for the Community-Based Research Program are due on InfoReady

Faculty Scholarly Grant Program
Deadline: February 15, 2019

Program Purpose

Formerly known as the Faculty Research and Creative Grants (FRCG), the Faculty Scholarly Grant Program (FSGP) seeks to support significant research and creative scholarly projects in colleges where extramural funding is difficult to obtain. This program will provide faculty with grants up to $6,000 for a period of two years to support scholarly projects and publications. In exceptional circumstances the committee may elect to support an outstanding proposal at a higher level of funding. Proposals are evaluated on their significance, soundness, competence and merits.

Eligibility Criteria

Faculty who hold at least a .50 FTE appointment are eligible to apply. Recipients of University Research Committee (URC) grants must submit a final report and close out any remaining URC funds before they are eligible to reapply for the program. If an application has been turned down by the committee, the PI is allowed one resubmission of a revised proposal on the same subject. Revised proposals must include a description of all changes made to the original proposal in a point-by-point fashion. 

For more information please visit the Faculty Scholarly Grant Program page on the VPR website. All applications for this program are due on Erica.

Please note that Department Chairs must approve submitted applications on Erica by the posted deadline, February 15, 2019.

Center on Aging
Deadline: March 22, 2019, 11:59pm (MST)

The Center on Aging sponsors an annual grant program to promote the development of aging research at the University of Utah. The goal of this program is to encourage new investigator career development, attract established investigators to aging research, and stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations – ultimately leading to new externally funded research.  

New this year, to complement the Vice President for Research Office’s new seed grant application process that supports competitive seed grant programs within each college that aligns with that college’s specific needs, we especially encourage applications from two or more investigators (ideally from two or more colleges) who are establishing an interdisciplinary research collaboration in an aging-related interest area. We anticipate awarding up to five one-year $20,000 projects.
Any questions please contact either Dr. Mark Supianoor Heather Podolan.

University Seed Fund Application Period Opens in Spring
Contact TVC if you are intending to apply

The university’s seed fund, administered by the Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization (TVC), fills a funding gap in the commercialization process between provisional patent application and the licensing of a technology. The fund helps faculty inventors achieve critical commercialization milestones that are needed to attract potential licensees, entrepreneurs, and investors. The previous funding cycle (Fall 2018) resulted in six awards with an average award of $30,000.

The next funding cycle will be announced in the spring. If you are planning to apply, please send a brief letter of intent to your TVC technology manager, who will apprise you of the current status of your intellectual property and advise you on your potential application. If you are not currently working with a technology manager, please contact Danuta Petelenz, Grant Manager, at 801.213.3585, who will direct you to the appropriate faculty liaison. Danuta can also answer any questions about the process.

We look forward to working our faculty and staff to help advance your technologies and inventions.


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