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2020 RFI Survey/Research & Pharmaceutical Materials

University Risk & Insurance Services (URIS) is conducting the annual survey of research and pharmaceutical materials stored in temperature-controlled units such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and cold rooms.  This is a requirement by the U’s insurers.  URIS has reached out to those researchers and departments that have provided this information last year.  If you did not receive this email from URIS, please ensure you complete the attached survey listing the units you wish to insure and sent back to Matthew Tuttle by Friday, December 13th. 

The attached excel workbook should list all temperature-controlled units you have responsibility for.  Similar to continuous monitoring alarm devices / systems, please be aware that preventive maintenance contracts on your units are necessary as a condition of insurance coverage (please seethe June 24, 2019 PMAs required for Temperature Controlled Units – Final Notice, for questions please refer to the PMA FAQ).  In order for you to be familiar with the survey, URIS encourages you to review the Survey Instructions Tab within the spreadsheet.  Loss control protocols not only prevent losses but also help the U to maintain this unique insurance coverage.  Please review required and recommended loss protocol procedures listed on the URIS website. 

Within the spreadsheet there is also a tab called “Contacts”.  This information will be used for next year’s RFI survey to renew insurance. 

Thank you for your time and effort to prevent the loss of your valuable research and pharmaceuticals.  Please contact URIS directly at 801-581-5590 if you have questions.  

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Last Updated: 4/13/21