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Intramural Funding

Intramural funding opportunities are supported within the University of Utah and cater to University of Utah faculty looking for support on advanced or preliminary research projects. This includes seed and engine funding as well as specific challenges, initiatives and fellowships offered by various department, colleges or research units.

1U4U Initiative – VPR Targeted Seed Grant Program
Internal Deadline: October 15, 2019

The Office of the Vice President for Research is launching a targeted seed grant program is intended to foster campus-wide collaborations to facilitate the formation of new interdisciplinary, multi-investigator teams that will pursue significant external funding. In Fall 2019, the program will target two focal research areas:

  1. Opioid Addiction
  2. Violence Against Women

Proposals are solicited for seed projects in these areas that bring together U of U researchers from different units on campus to initiate new, solutions-oriented research programs that address causes and/or possible solutions to these pressing societal and public health issues. Research teams should be interdisciplinary, span different departments or colleges, and constitute new collaborations.Preference will be given to proposals that include researchers from both the main and health sciences campuses, and to projects with strong off-campus partnerships.

Research that is already supported by other sources will not be approved for funding. Gap funding to bridge support between external grants or contracts will not be considered. The applicants must clearly and convincingly demonstrate that the proposed project represents a new research direction that is eligible for extramural funding. Thus, the proposal must not overlap with any existing grants (i.e. PIs cannot receive funding from the VPR Funding Incentive Seed Grant or existing mechanisms for the same, or a similar project). Seed funding under this program is to be used to successfully compete for extramural funds to support the project in the long term and proposals must include a detailed plan for soliciting extramural support.

Guidelines and requirements for application can be found HERE on the VPR website funding opportunities page. Please contact Diane Pataki or Tyler Matsamas with any questions.

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Laboratory Health and Safety Equipment Fund
Internal Deadline: June 30, 2020

The Laboratory Health and Safety Equipment Fund (LHSEF) is a limited time opportunity to obtain funding for laboratory supplies or equipment necessary to address immediate health and safety needs or non-compliance conditions. The fund is intended to address urgent health and safety needs for which funding is not currently available or for which funding was not requested in the FY20 budgeting process. Beyond FY20 it is expected that funding for health and safety equipment would be included in the normal departmental budgeting process, course fees, and grant proposals. Up to $10,000 can be requested in each application. Please see the attached info sheet for more details.

Note: This is a rolling award that is available throughout FY20. If equipment is needed, you do not need to wait for the deadline to apply.

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