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Research Roundtable - Convergence Research


The academic community recognizes an increasing need to foster interdisciplinary research to address problems and questions that span more than a single field of knowledge. The National Science Foundation has issued a call for proposals regarding Growing Convergence Research. The deadline for these proposals is February 20, 2020. Please join Dr. Ken Smith and Dr. Rick Forster for an information and ideas exchange.

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Sharing your Data Using The Hive: U of U Research Data Repository

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Librarians and professional staff at the Marriott and Eccles Health Sciences Libraries are ready and willing to assist you with research data sharing. We can help you locate a data repository based on your discipline and file format using our Repositories for Research Data guide. If no such repository exists, we can assist you in submitting your datasets to The Hive: University of Utah Research Data Repository.

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Intramural Funding


Intramural funding opportunities are supported within the University of Utah and cater to University of Utah faculty looking for support on advanced or preliminary research projects. This includes seed and engine funding as well as specific challenges, initiatives and fellowships offered by various department, colleges or research units.

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