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Important: All Labs Must Complete Federal Mandated Survey

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New federal mandates from national funding agencies are requiring all University of Utah laboratories to complete to report usage/non-usage for biological materials. In order to ensure compliance with federal policies, principal investigators of all laboratories must complete this brief SURVEY by July 31, 2019.

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Radioactive Material Use and Contamination Surveys

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If laboratory personnel do not monitor themselves or their area periodically throughout their procedure, or following the end of use of material, then there is a chance that radioactive contamination may spread. If this contamination spreads to locations outside the authorized radiation use area (e.g. walking out the radiation laboratory with contaminated shoes), this could lead to a closure of larger areas, including entire buildings.

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Intramural Funding

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Internal funding opportunities are supported within the University of Utah and cater to University of Utah faculty looking for support on advanced or preliminary research projects. This includes seed and engine funding as well as specific challenges, initiatives and fellowships offered by various department, colleges or research units.

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