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Principal investigator

The faculty member who directs a program/project. The PI is the individual with primary responsibility for the proper conduct and management of a project.

Other research personnel

Individuals working on a research project in collaboration with, or under the supervision of, a principal investigator.

Department chair/center director

A faculty member, appointed by the president of the university, with responsibility for the fiscal, academic and managerial leadership of an academic unit such as a department. The department chair reports to the cognizant dean.

Department/Center/project financial/business officer

Administrative staff at the departmental/center/project level who provide administrative support for one or more sponsored projects. At the project level, this may be the Principal Investigator.


A faculty member, appointed by the president, with responsibility for the fiscal, academic and managerial leadership of a college or school. The dean reports to the cognizant vice president.

Executive administration

The President and the Vice Presidents for Health Sciences, Academic Affairs, Research and Administrative Services, or their designees.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

Assures review and approval of protocols involving recombinant DNA, viruses, bacteria.

Conflict of Interest Committee

Responsible for reviewing information and making determinations regarding proper level of management of conflicts.

Environmental Health and Safety, Department of

Formulates policy and assists various committees in implementation.

Governmental Accounting and Support Services

The Offices of Governmental and Research Accounting have the primary responsibility for maintaining fiscal records of contracts and grants, supplying project fiscal information to Principal Investigators (PI), and submitting fiscal reports to sponsoring agencies. They also support principal investigators in managing the financial aspects of the projects.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee/Animal Resource Center (IACUC/ARC)

This committee is charged with ensuring the humane use of animals in research and compliance with national policies, procedures and regulations. The Animal Resource Center is responsible for university facilities where animals used in research are housed. Working with the IACUC, ARC monitors all animal research for compliance with rules and regulations pertaining to the use of animals.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB's function is to review proposed research in order to insure that the subject's rights are protected and that risk of harm is minimized.

Office of Internal Audit

Office of Internal Audit is a service organization which provides both traditional audits and a variety of non-traditional services including consulting and analysis projects.

Radiological Health, Department of

Responsible for establishing radiation protection policies and authorizing the use of specific radiation sources.

Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)

OSP is charged with assisting faculty and other university personnel to achieve funding for research and other scholarly activity and to provide oversight on issues of federal, state and university compliance, laws and regulations.

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

TTO manages the University's Intellectual Property and helps University Faculty and Staff realize the commercial value of their inventions.

Last Updated: 8/6/18