Institutional Conflict of Interest

In 2015, President Pershing approved an interim policy that addresses institutional conflicts of interest (ICOI) in the conduct of human subjects research [IR7-006].  The policy is designed to identify two types of institutional conflicts, those arising from:

  • University intellectual property rights in products under proposed investigation at the University, or
  • external financial relationships of senior leaders or authorities at the University who may be in a position to influence the conduct of human subjects research.

The Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy requires that campus leaders disclose their external “significant financial interests” on an annual basis.  A “significant financial interest” is defined in the Individual Conflict of Interest policy (see

Potential ICOIs will be managed through the University Conflict of Interest Committee in collaboration with the Institutional Conflict of Interest Officer.  The ICOI Officer is:

 Please contact Dr. Botkin if you have any questions or concerns about the ICOI policy.

Last Updated: 8/6/18