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Faculty Release for Scholarly Pursuits - URC


Program Purpose

Formerly known as Faculty Fellow Awards (FFA), Faculty Release for Scholarly Pursuits (FRSP) provides a semester of full salary release time to tenure-line faculty for scholarly research or creative projects. Release time may be taken as early as fall semester of the next academic year, and must be taken within 2 years of the award date.

The University Research Committee (URC) awards the sum of $7,500 to the department to defer the cost of the awardee’s release time. Applicants may also apply to the Faculty Scholarly Grant Program to carry out their research/creative agenda during their release time.

Eligibility Criteria

Faculty who have held a regular University of Utah faculty appointment for one year or more are eligible to apply. If the PI is awarded faculty release, they are ineligible to reapply for an FRSP for at least five years following their original award date. 

Proposals are evaluated on their significance, soundness, and potential benefit they provide to the individual, the university and the community. Only two award may be given per department.

Departments may only put forth 2 applications for consideration by the College Dean. Applications must be ranked at the Departmental level prior to submission to the Dean's Office. 

Final Reports

The recipient of Faculty Release for Scholarly Pursuits must submit a 1-2 page, single-spaced, Final Report (with cover sheet - PDF) within one year the award end date. A final report should include a detailed description of the activities accomplished and the impact the grant provided to the PI, students, postdocs, colleagues and others.  The committee will not consider a new application from an investigator until a final report from the previously awarded URC grant is submitted. Please submit your final reports to


Starting the Application Process

 Application Document Downloads 


The application must include:

  1. Part A completed by applicant
  2. Part B completed by department chair and college dean
  3. List of all academic leaves with description and function
  4. Curriculum vita or biographical sketch
  5. Precise statement of what you intend to accomplish during the award period. The statement must be limited to three single-spaced typed pages.
  6. A one-page-single-spaced abstract

Important Deadlines:

  1. Applications are due to the applicant’s departmental office by October 2 and must be submitted in PDF format. 
  2. Department chairs must rank the applications from their department and forward the batch applications to the cognizant Dean’s office by October 16. 
  3. Deans must rank the applications across the college and then submit the application materials to by 5:00 p.m.October 23. Notification of the award will be made in January.

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Last Updated: 1/14/19