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Program Purpose

The Faculty Fellow Awards (FFA) provide a semester of full release time (from teaching and administrative tasks) at full salary to tenure-line faculty for scholarly research or creative projects. The University Research Committee (URC) awards the sum of $15,000 to the department to defer the cost of the awardee’s release time. Proposals are evaluated on:

  • The significance and soundness of the proposed research
  • The impact of the proposed research on advancing the applicant's career
  • The impact of the release-time on advancing the applicant's career and/or personal research mission
  • The impact of the proposed research on the Department's, College's, and University's research missions
  • The level of support from the Department & College 
  • The equity and inclusivity of the final awardee pool (including gender, race/ethnicity, research fields, faculty status, etc.)

Eligibility Criteria & Program Requirements

  • Faculty who have held a University of Utah tenure-line faculty appointment for one year or more are eligible to apply. If the faculty nominee is awarded faculty release, they are not eligible to reapply for an FFA for at least five years following their original award date. 
  • Release time must be taken during the next academic year, and the applicant must commit to taking their release time during the semester indicated in their application. 
  • Only two applications may be submitted per department, and must be ranked in priority order prior to submission to the College Dean. Only ten applications may be submitted to the VPR Office by each College.
  • Applicants may also apply to the Faculty Small Grant Program to carry out their research/creative agenda during their release time.

Important Deadlines

Part A completed by Applicant & submitted to Department Chair Friday, October 16th, 2020
Part B completed by Department Chair & submitted to College Dean Friday, October 23rd, 2020
Part C completed by College Dean & submitted to Friday, October 30th, 2020
Award Notifications sent by VPR Office January 2021

Note: All submissions due by 5:00pm, MST. 

Final Report Information

The recipient of a Faculty Fellows Award must submit Final Report within 3 months of the award end date. The FFA final report guidelines and requirements can be found HERE. The awardee will not be eligible for additional VPR funding until a final report from the previously awarded grant is submitted and approved. Please submit your final reports to

Application Process

  1. Part A – Faculty Application: To be completed by the applicant. Due in the applicant’s departmental office by October 16th. Full details for Part A can be found in the below attachment. 
  1. Part B – Departmental Approval: To be completed by the applicant’s Department Chair. Department chairs must forward the application packages and Departmental approval forms to their Dean by October 23rd. Full details for Part B can be found in the below attachment.
  1. Part C – College Approval: To be completed by the applicant’s College Dean. Deans must forward all application packages and Departmental/College approval forms to, by October 30th. Full details for Part C can be found in the below attachment.

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