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Distinguished Research Awards (DRA)


Nominations Due October 15th at 5:00pm

The Distinguished Research Award recognizes outstanding achievements in scholarly and creative research by University of Utah tenured faculty and provides up to three awards for creative or scholarly achievements. Nominations are received once a year for this award. The next nominiaton cycle will open September 3, 2019. 

Eligibility Criteria

Only tenured faculty who have held an appointment with the University of Utah for a minimum of eight years are eligible to receive this award. Nominations may be made by any faculty member, department or college within the University.

Nominees will remain in the nomination pool for three years. If a nominee does not receive an award within three years, a two year waiting period must pass before they can be re-nominated.

Nominees are evaluated on the impact and significance of their career research and scholarly work to their field, as well as to the improvement and enrichment of the human condition. 

Deans are encouraged to consider issues of diversity and inclusion in their nominations, and to guide award nominations committees to the available training programs in implicit and unconscious bias.

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