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Research Incentive Seed Grant Program Instructions

Program Purpose

The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) is piloting a new seed grant application process for faculty interested in funding their innovative ideas. The goal of the seed program is to support investigators so they can collect preliminary data that can be leveraged for extramural grant applications. In brief:

  • The VPR will approve a set amount of funds for each college. The amount of these funds will be based on the extramural award performance of the college and funds available to the VPR.
  • Each college will run a competitive seed grant program that aligns with their specific needs. 
  • Colleges will submit a list of research projects to the VPR that they recommend for seed funding.
  • Lead investigators on recommended projects will submit a project summary and detailed budget to InfoReady and upon final VPR approval will  work with the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) to set-up a DSS account to access the seed funds. 

Applicant Eligibility

Tenure-line faculty and Career-line faculty are eligible to apply. Faculty must be in residence at the University of Utah to be considered for Seed funding. Faculty in Institutes/Centers/Programs, the College of Cultural & Social Transformation, the Honors College and Libraries will need to apply via their home colleges.

Proposals should exhibit high potential for leveraging extramural funding. 

Applicants that have significant start-up, cash reserves, or are seeking gap funding to bridge support between external grants or contracts are not eligible.  

Colleges are encouraged to provide seed funds to investigators that have not received funding in the last three years. 

Budget Restrictions

Grant funds cannot be used for: faculty salaries (summer or academic year); travel that is not directly related to project research (e.g., conferences cannot be supported by this grant), funding to purchase society/group memberships, consultants, or office equipment (including computers) unless specifically justified.  

 Starting the Application Process

Internal Review Process Application

    1. Colleges will receive a notification in early August from the VPR office regarding funds available for their seed grant program.
    2. Assistant/Associate Deans of Research, or their equivalents, are expected to develop a college-specific, competitive seed grant process which includes:
      • Aim/goal for utilization of seed funds.
      • Methods for soliciting seed grant applications from faculty.
      • A description of the internal seed grant review process.
    3. This college-specific plan needs to be submitted to the VPR office through InfoReady, no later than November 1st, 2018. A college may begin to collect seed proposals once the internal process is approved by the VPR. 
      • Please know that the VPR office is available to counsel colleges on how to run their seed grant programs and/or instruct colleges on how to upload their college-specific seed grant program into InfoReady. 
      • It is highly recommended that each college identify a point-person for communication with the VPR office.

InfoReady Internal Review Process Application

College-specific seed grant programs must be submitted using InfoReady 


Submission of Funding Recommendations

    1. Following the internal review process, colleges will need to submit a recommendation of research projects to fund using the Project Summary Sheet to Seed grants recommended for funding can be submitted all at once or in a rolling fashion.   Project recommendations for seed grant funding must be submitted by April 1, 2019.  Please wait to notify awardees in your college until you have received approval from the VPR Office. 
      • Once recommendations have been received by the VPR, investigators will be notified by the VPR Office with next steps for receiving their awards.  


Lead Investigators on projects approved for funding are required to submit a project summary/abstract and detailed budget through InfoReady:

  1. Project Summary/Abstract (Project Summary/Abstract)
  2. Detailed Budget (Budget Page – PDF; Budget Page – Excel

Upon receipt of the documents, the VPR office will instruct faculty on creating a DSS form and new project with the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP).

Seed grant studies are expected to be primed and ready to hit-the-ground running. Therefore, grants will expire 12 months after activation of the award No-cost extensions will not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Progress reports are due within 3 months of the project end-date. Investigators must submit progress reports on InfoReady

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Last Updated: 2/4/19