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No-Cost Extension Request Instructions

If a VPR-funded grant (including VPR-funded Seed Grants, RIF funds, and URC grants) cannot be completed in the initial award period due to unusual circumstances, the Investigator can submit one No-Cost Extension (NCE) request to be reviewed by the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR). The VPR Office reserves the right to deny a NCE that does not meet the requirements below and/or is not a well-justified and reasonable request.

To request a no-cost extension on your grant, please use the Submit a Request webform below. Questions can be directed to

Guidelines for NCE Requests

  • The Investigator can only submit one extension request per project, no exceptions.
  • A seed grant extension cannot exceed one year.
  • NCE requests must be sent at least one month prior to the end date of the project. Requests later than 30 days priorto the end date of the project will not be considered for extension.
  • The NCE must briefly outline what has been completed on the project as of the NCE request date (under "Brief Progress Update") in order for the NCE to be considered.
  • The targeted proposal submission date for all Seed Grant NCE requests must be before the end date of the project. Final Reports are not approved until an external proposal has been submitted. PI's are not eligible for additional VPR funding until all final reports on closed grants are submitted and approved. 

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Last Updated: 9/29/22