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Funding opportunities

Intramural Funding Opportunities 

Seed Grant Program

The Research Incentive Seed Grant Program supports new areas of research for a principal investigator (PI) seeking to generate extramural funding to perpetuate their research.

1U4U Initiative - VPR Targeted Research Seed Grants

Deadline: October 15, 2019

This targeted seed grant program is intended to foster campus-wide collaborations to facilitate the formation of new interdisciplinary, multi-investigator teams that will pursue significant external funding.

Laboratory Health and Safety Equipment Fund

Deadline: June 30, 2020

This is a limited time opportunity to obtain funding for laboratory supplies or equipment necessary to address immediate health and safety needs or non-compliance conditions.

Research Instrumentation Fund

Deadline: January 15 & September 20 by 5 pm

The Research Instrumentation Fund (RIF) provides support to faculty and core facilities for new equipment purchases as well as upgrading existing research instruments.

Faculty Small Grant Program

Deadline: September 15 (for Spring Semester) & November 15 (for Summer Semester) & March 15 (for Fall Semester) by 5 pm
(Departmental Approval must be submitted by each deadline for consideration)

The Faculty Small Grant Program (FSGP), formerly known as Faculty Research & Creative Grants (FRCG), supports significant scholarly research and creative projects.

Faculty Fellows Awards 

Deadline: September 20 (Departmental Office), October 15 (VPR Office) by 5 pm

Faculty Fellow Awards (FFA) is available to tenure-line faculty to provide a semester of release for scholarly pursuits of research or creative projects. 

Distinguished Research Awards

Deadline: October 15 by 5 pm

The Distinguished Research Awards (DRA) is a prestigious recognition for tenured faculty members who have made significant scholarly contributions to their fields. 

Community Based Research Grants 

Deadline: February 15 by 5 pm

The Community-Based Research (CBR) supports areas of community-based research for a principal investigator or team of investigators.


External Funding Opportunities


Limited Submissions

Limited Submissions are extramural funding opportunities that limit the number applications submitted per institution.


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