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Intramural Funding

Seed Grant Program

The goal of the Research Incentive Seed Grant Program is to support investigators in collecting preliminary data in new, innovative research areas that will be leveraged for extramural grant applications.

Research Instrumentation Fund

Deadlines: September 18th, 2020; January 15th, 2021 (by 5pm MST)

The Research Instrumentation Fund (RIF) provides support to faculty and core facilities for new equipment purchases, or to replace/upgrade existing research equipment. The VPR Office runs two cycles of the RIF Program – one for Fall semester, and one for Spring semester. Equipment purchased with RIF funds is meant to be shared as broadly as possible and used to facilitate externally funded research and scholarship.


Along with the research climate initiatives, the goal of these funding programs is to provide a just, supportive, and inclusive environment for researchers at the University of Utah, and to make the research enterprise accessible to current and prospective Utah residents of all backgrounds.

VPR Exceptional One-Time Requests

The Vice President for Research (VPR) office is pleased to formally allow small funding requests of $5,000 or less for exceptional one-time funds. These funds are available to offset University of Utah sponsored research symposia, travel for new and beginning investigators to meet program officers, proposal development for interdisciplinary large programmatic grant applications, and other research-specific areas that are not typically supported by the investigator’s department or college or is outside the scope of internal funding mechanisms.

University Research Committee (URC) Funding & Award Programs

Faculty Small Grant Program

Deadlines: September 15th, 2020; November 16th, 2020; March 15th, 2021 (by 5pm MST)

The Faculty Small Grant Program (FSGP) seeks to support significant research and creative scholarly projects in colleges that experience difficulty obtaining extramural funding. This program will provide faculty with grants up to $6,000 for a period of two years to support scholarly projects and publications. 

Faculty Fellow Awards 

Deadlines: October 16th, 2020 (Part A) ; October 23rd, 2020 (Part B) ; October 30th, 2020 (Part C)

The Faculty Fellow Awards (FFA) provide a semester of full release time (from teaching and administrative tasks) at full salary to tenure-line faculty for scholarly research or creative projects. Release time may be taken as early as fall semester of the next academic year, and must be taken within 2 years of the award date.

Distinguished Research Awards

Deadline: November 16th, 2020 (by 5:00 pm MST)

The Distinguished Research Award recognizes outstanding achievements in scholarly or creative research by University of Utah tenured faculty. The URC will provide up to three awards for creative or scholarly achievements. Nominations are received once per year for this award.

Community Based Research Grants 

Deadline: TBD

The Community-Based Research (CBR) Grant Program encourages collaborative research that involves both University and local, regional and/or statewide community partners.  This program is intended to promote scholarship and the dissemination of knowledge from existing University-community partnerships with the intent that they produce scholarly articles and/or demonstrate significant potential to receive extramural funding.

Limited Submissions

Limited Submission Opportunities (LSO) are extramural funding opportunities that limit the number applications submitted per institution. Researchers interested in submitting to a specific LSO must apply to an internal competition and be selected for full proposal submission to the opportunity's sponsor. Internal competitions help verify the eligibility of an applicant and ensure that another application has not already been selected to submit to a specific limited submission opportunity.

Request a No-Cost Extension

If a funded Research Incentive Seed Grant project cannot be completed in the initial 12-month award period due to unusual circumstances, the Investigator can submit one no-cost extension request to be reviewed by the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR). The VPR Office reserves the right to deny a NCE that does not meet the requirements of the Research Incentive Seed Grant Program and/or the NCE request guidelines.

Extramural Funding Database (Pivot)

Pivot is a searchable database that offers a variety of valuable resources including funding and publishing opportunities, collaborator identification, scholarly profiles, and more. 

Questions? Let us know!

Please contact Tyler Matsamas at with any questions regarding VPR Funding Opportunities, Limited Submissions, URC Programs, or other funding opportunities/programs. 

Last Updated: 11/19/20