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The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) is committed to enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in research and the U campus community.


In a recent statement, the VPR Office committed to taking action against systemic racism and discrimination in research, and to support measurable actions that address equality, diversity and inclusion in our U community. In partnership with university leadership, the VPR Office has launched programs to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the U research community. These include:

  1. Research Climate
    1. Measure and track campus-wide commitments to diversity in research
    2. Provide training in implicit bias for researchers
    3. Heighten the integrity of the U research process within our climate

  2. Funding Resources
    1. Support voluntary cost-share for EDI-related research proposals
    2. Diversity administrative supplements
    3. Grant writing support for investigators experiencing hardship

The goal of these programs is to provide an equitable, supportive, and inclusive environment for researchers at the University of Utah, and to make the research enterprise accessible to current and prospective Utah residents of all backgrounds. These programs, some which are still under development, have been informed by the U research community and will serve as an initial framework for future EDI, anti-racism, and discrimination initiatives. For more details about the EDI programs, please visit the sites below.




 Official Statement

The Office of the Vice President for Research releases an official statement to take action against systemic racism. 
(June 11, 2020)

 U Rising Podcast

Podcast: The Office of the Vice President for Research sets
anti-racist agenda.
(September 30, 2020)

 Funding a more equitable research enterprise

Office of the Vice President for Research releases an update on EDI for the U research enterprise.
(August 2, 2021)

 Day of Collective Action

Office of the Vice President for Research would like to emphasize our support and dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at the U.
(March 22, 2022)

 REDI Newsletter


The REDI newsletter includes monthly updates on funding opportunities, resources, and highlights related to diversity, equity, and inclusion for research at the U. 
(March 2, 2022)

 How Translation Services Help Increase Diverse Research Participants

When attempting to connect with our community to help bring diversity in research, language can be a barrier.
(June 21, 2022)

Last Updated: 6/24/22