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Providing resources and support for University of Utah’s researchers to foster an environment of creativity, discovery, and advanced knowledge.



Message from the VP for Research

Dear Colleagues,

Since its inception in 1850, the University of Utah has been committed to developing cutting-edge research to enhance the lives of our local, national, and international communities. Whether it is finding a cure for cancer, creating innovative technologies, or understanding the complexities in the society we live in, each of the University’s remarkable discoveries are made possible by the dedication of its researchers, students, and staff...

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Who we are

In 1968, the Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) was created to promote and build research excellence at the University of Utah. The VPR office oversees numerous research administration units that provide support services, research opportunities, and professional development for researchers, students, and staff on campus. The reporting VPR units are responsible for; compliance and safety, research education and training, technology patent and commercialization, grant proposal development and submission, and more. Through strategic leadership and planning, the VPR office is dedicated to providing effective resources that serve the University’s research community and accelerate innovation and discovery at the U.





Vision Statement 

To cultivate a national and international leading research community through excellence, innovation, and interdisciplinary research at the University of Utah.





Core Values

Integrity – We value responsible and ethical practices that align with compliance and regulation policies. The importance of honesty and transparency is essential to conducting responsible quality research.


DiversityWe value diversity both in faculty and fields of research. Our efforts are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse environment to create research that represents the global community we serve.


RespectWe value a respectful research culture that encourages civility and consideration of others. We strive to facilitate a welcoming and safe research campus that acts on courtesy, compassion, and awareness of all groups and individuals.


CollaborationWe value collaboration and teamwork that reflects interdisciplinary fields of research. Working together as a unified institution is integral to achieve the university’s research mission and goals.


Innovation – We value innovation and creativity to find impactful solutions that address the challenges we face as a society. We are focused on conducting transformative research that will result in groundbreaking discoveries in all fields of study.





Last Updated: 4/13/21