Governmental Accounting and Support Services

Governmental Accounting deals with federal regulations related to University of Utah grants and contracts

Research Accounting

  • Administer post-award accounting
  • Share responsibilities with OSP for formulation, implementation and interpretation of policies regarding allowable costs
  • Prepare invoices and letter of credit draws to sponsors on a timely basis
  • Prepare financial reports for federal agencies as required
  • Prepare interim and final financial reports in coordination with departments
  • Pre-audit certain financial transactions to ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Perform risk analysis for certain categories of expenditures to ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Identify reportability of program income
  • Monitor levels of program income
  • Provide institutional oversight on cost transfers
  • Process payments of approved subcontractor invoices
  • Approve or recommend approval of carry-forward of unexpended funds
  • Resolve payment problems with sponsors

Governmental Accounting

  • Administer Effort Certification (PARs)
  • Prepare and negotiate F&A Rate
  • Monitor sub-recipients
  • Monitor Service Recharge Centers
  • Assist with the development of Service Recharge Center rates
  • Provide first line of contact and coordinate financial audits of Sponsored Awards

Property Accounting

  • Administer Property System
  • Record acquisitions and retirements
  • Monitor inventory


  • Administer University Surplus system