Conflict of Interest Committee

The Committee will review infomation and make determinations as to the proper level of management of conflicts

Animal welfare: N/A

Biosafety/Recombinant and Synthetic DNA Molecules: N/A

Conflict of interest:

  • The Designated Official and the Conflict of Interest Officer review annual disclosure forms and project conflict evaluation forms to make recommendations to the Conflict of Interest Committee regarding resolution of the potential conflicts
  • Considers potential conflicts of interest and determines if changes in the Principal Investigator, other research personnel or project design are necessary
  • Makes the determination to manage, reduce or eliminate the conflict, if necessary
  • Develops a management, monitoring and implementation plan in conjunction with the Principal Investigator andhis/her chair/director
  • Forwards any reports of violations to the appropriate line Vice President with a recommendation for response

Data and safety monitoring: N/A

Education and training: N/A

Environmental health and safety: N/A

Financial management of research: N/A

Human gene transfer: N/A

Human subjects:

  • IRB Director serves on Conflict of Interest Committee
  • Provides information to the IRB regarding conflicts of interest for use in consideration of protocols

Human tissue samples: N/A

Patents and inventions:

  • The Director of TTO is a member of the Conflict of Interest Committee

Radiation safety: N/A

Sponsored projects administration:

  • Provides information on reported conflicts of interest to the Director of OSP to report to funding agencies, as necessary
  • Receives and acts on project-based Conflict Evaluation Forms filed with sponsored project applications
  • The Director of OSP is the Designated Official for initial review of conflict of interest disclosures