Department/Center Financial Officer

Animal welfare: N/A

Biosafety/Recombinant and Synthetic DNA Molecules: N/A

Conflict of interest: N/A

Data and safety monitoring: N/A

Education and training:

  • Participate in OSP training regarding policies, compliance issues, and agency specific topics
  • Participate in Governmental Accounting financial training

Environmental health and safety: N/A

Financial management of research:

  • Reviews financial transactions on sponsored programs to ensure that
    • The transaction occurs within the project period
    • The cost of the transaction is reasonable
    • The transaction represents a reasonable allocation of the cost
    • Funds are available in the sponsored program to support the transaction
    • The transaction is treated consistently with regard to direct/indirect cost purposes if the transaction occurs on a federal project
  • Prepares and/or approves financial, human resources and other documents for sponsored projects in the following areas:
    • Cost sharing/matching
    • Provides or maintains local databases or files to support sponsored project activities
    • Prepares documents and provides information for appointment of individuals to sponsored projects
    • Processes financial transactions and reviews and analyzes financial reports for sponsored projects
    • Assigns correct account codes, provides information and processes purchase documents
    • Prepares and initiates processing of cost sharing/matching documents
    • Prepares documents and provides information for re-budgeting
    • Prepares requests for cost transfers and forwards to Research Accounting
    • Provides information and prepares documents to resolve project cost overruns
    • Processes documents to record program income
    • Prepares documents and provides information for compliance with effort reporting policy
    • Provides information for interim and final financial reports
    • Provides information for closing documents
  • Serves as an advisor to the Principal Investigator on financial/administrative matters
  • Responsible for the development and administration of service center rates
  • Reports instances of financial non-compliance with applicable regulations and University of Utah policies and procedures

Human gene transfer: N/A

Human subjects: N/A

Human tissue samples: N/A

Patents and inventions:

  • Refers potential inventors to TTO

Radiation safety: N/A

Sponsored projects administration:

  • Implements sponsor and University of Utah policy for preparation and review of research proposals
  • Assures that the appropriate indirect cost rates are being requested in sponsored project budgets
  • Follows sponsor and University of Utah guidelines for budget preparation and obtains internal approvals (administrative and compliance)
  • Implements sponsor and University of Utah requirements for project financial management, budgeting, re-budgeting, and timely close out
  • Provides day-to-day oversight of project financial management as delegated by PI or Dean/Chair/Program Director