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Technology & Venture Commercialization

The mission of the Technology & Venture Commercialization is to facilitate the commercialization of the University's scientific and technical research findings for the benefit of the citizens of Utah and the general public through the efficient and effective evaluation, management, protection, and licensing of the University's intellectual property

Animal welfare: N/A

Biosafety/Recombinant and Synthetic DNA Molecules: N/A

Conflict of interest:

  • Office personnel serve on Conflict of Interest Committee
  • Interprets specific circumstances where researchers have dual relationships as creators of University of Utah intellectual property and involvements with corporations
  • Follows process for notification of potential issues

Data and safety monitoring: N/A

Education and training:

  • Acts as a resource for the University community in understanding their intellectual property responsibilities
  • Actively solicits invention disclosures through presentations and meetings with inventors
  • Prepares presentations and participates in educating the University community about their responsibilities toward sponsoring agencies and the University

Environmental health and safety: N/A

Financial management of research: N/A

Human gene transfer: N/A

Human subjects: N/A

Human tissue samples: N/A

Patents and inventions:

  • Administers University policy regarding inventions, patenting, licensing, monitoring agreements, payments to inventors and the University, and obligations to sponsoring agencies
  • Advises the VP for Research and the Technology Transfer Advisory Committee on trends in university intellectual property practices and recommends policy changes for review and consideration
  • Assists in interpreting existing policy in consultation with General Counsel
  • Establishes office procedures for Licensing staff and Intellectual Property assistants that allow office to comply with University policy and sponsoring agency policies, emphasizing compliance with all Bayh-Dole requirements
  • Review and update respective procedures annually with staff and assistants for educational and compliance purposes
  • Report as requested, usually semi-annually, to the University of Utah Research Foundation Board
  • Review and evaluate invention disclosures for completeness, particularly with respect to appointments, funding sources and potential publication dates
  • Assess patentability and commercial potential of inventions, working with inventors, patent counsel, databases, and consultants, as appropriate
  • Notifies sponsoring agencies at required times during this process as per procedure
  • Carries out patenting strategy as per procedure
  • Markets inventions and negotiates licenses as per procedure
  • Participates in Conflict of Interest meetings and reports per policy
  • Maintains computerized database and physical files to allow reporting, patenting, licensing and monitoring of agreements as per procedures

Radiation safety: N/A

Sponsored projects administration:

  • Reviews intellectual property clauses in sponsored research agreements upon request of Office of Sponsored Projects
Last Updated: 2/7/18