Department of Radiological Health

The Department of Radiological Health oversees the use of all radioactive material and ionizing radiation-producing devices at the University of Utah in accordance with federal and state radiation control regulations and according to the University's broad scope radioactive materials license issued by the State of Utah

Animal welfare:

  • Reviews and approves proposed use of radioisotopes

Biosafety/Recombinant and Synthetic DNA Molecules: N/A

Conflict of interest: N/A

Data and safety monitoring: N/A

Education and training:

  • Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) develops, conducts and documents appropriate training on radiation protection for all categories of radiation users
  • RSO establishes an appropriate frequency and minimal requirements for the content of the training program

Environmental health and safety: N/A

Financial management of research: N/A

Human gene transfer: N/A

Human subjects:

  • Verifies adequacy of facilities and qualifications of "Responsible User"
  • Evaluates and approves/disapproves all proposed uses of ionizing radiation sources in or on humans for investigational or non-clinical uses

Human tissue samples: N/A

Patents and inventions: N/A

Radiation safety:

Radiological Health Department

  • Serves as the primary technical resource for the University community regarding radiation safety policies, procedures and regulatory issues
  • Nominates members for and coordinates the activities of regulatory-required university committees [e.g. Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) and the Human Use Subcommittee (HUS) of the RSC, Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC)]
  • Maintains inventories of radioactive materials and ionizing radiation generating machines used in research
  • Conducts routine as well as special risk assessments and provides recommendations on appropriate practices and facilities to conduct research safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Provides operational and/or technical support for research activities that require monitoring, tracking, decontamination, or disposal of radioactive materials
  • Identifies and/or develops training resources for the University of Utah research community
  • Identifies, monitors, and interprets local, state, and federal agency actions related to radiation safety within the research community
  • Develops draft policies/procedures for the RSC and RDRC review
  • Provides an annual report of activities to the RSC and VP for Research

Radiation Safety Committee (RSC)

  • Promulgates policies, rules and procedures for the safe use of radiation sources
  • Oversees, reviews and audits the activities of the Radiation Safety Officer, the Radiological Health Department, and all users of University radiation sources or ionizing radiation generating machines

Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC) (also serves as the Human Use Subcommittee of the RSC)

  • Evaluates and approves or disapproves all proposed uses of ionizing radiation sources on or in humans for investigational or non-routine clinical procedures, uses of FDA-approved radioactive drugs, radioactive drugs with IND numbers issued by the FDA, or any other ionizing radiation sources

Sponsored projects administration:

  • Provides assurances of compliance with state, federal, sponsor and University of Utah regulations regarding radiation safety