Education and Training

Principal investigator:

  • Participates in/completes all relevant training
  • Ensures that project personnel participate in/complete relevant training

Other research personnel:

  • Participate in/complete all relevant training

Department/center/project financial officer:

  • Participates in OSP training regarding policies, compliance issues, and agency specific topics
  • Participates in Governmental Accounting financial training

Department chair/center director:

  • Promotes education and training in University compliance efforts and programs for all personnel involved in research in department / center

Deans office/designee:

  • Promotes education and training in University compliance efforts and programs for all personnel involved in research in college / school

Executive administration:

  • Promotes education and training in University compliance efforts and programs

Conflict of Interest committee: N/A

Environmental Health and Safety, Department:

  • Identifies training resources for the University research community
  • Provides training in specific areas of environmental health and safety, as needed

Governmental Accounting and Support Services:

  • Provides training on financial administration of projects

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee / Animal Resource Center:

  • Assesses training of all researchers and staff that work with animals
  • Provides training for all personnel on proposed projects prior to submission of protocol (University Training Coordinator)
  • Provides two documents regarding disease risk for all personnel involved in use of animals
  • Requires training in the Occupational Health and Safety Program for animal researchers
  • Staff provide training for new IACUC members

Institutional Review Board:

  • Provides training in protection of human subjects for PIs, other research staff and students
  • Documents compliance with IRB requirement for training for all personnel involved in research with human subjects
  • Provides training for new and continuing IRB members annually and as needed

Office of Internal Audit: N/A

Radiological Health, Department:

  • Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) develops, conducts and documents appropriate training on radiation protection for all categories of radiation users
  • RSO establishes an appropriate frequency and minimal requirements for the content of the training program

Institutional Biosafety Committee:

  • Provides joint training with IACUC for research personnel using recombinant DNA in animal studies

Office of Sponsored Projects:

  • Advocates and acts as steward for University and funding agency policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Develops training for University staff and faculty regarding policies, compliance issues, procedures, proposal and agency specific issues
  • Maintains a web page to assist Principal Investigator with proposal preparation and award management
  • Assists Principal Investigator with procedural management of active research projects (pre-award, financial, prior approvals, reporting and regulatory requirement issues)

Technology Transfer Office:

  • Acts as a resource for University community in understanding their intellectual property responsibilities
  • Actively solicits invention disclosures through presentations and meetings with inventors
  • Prepares presentations and participates in education University community about their responsibilities towards sponsoring agencies and the University