Sponsored Projects Administration

Principal investigator:

  • Submits grant proposals to the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) and other review bodies in a timely manner to allow for necessary review and processing
  • Manages the technical/programmatic aspects of the project by
    • providing all deliverables that may be required in the agreed upon time frame, not deviating from the scope of work for the project unless changes are agreed upon by the sponsor;
    • overseeing the work of students and other personnel utilized on the project
  • Manages the logistical/physical aspects of the project by
    • understanding he contract/grant terms and conditions, including any special or unusual conditions
    • assuring that the contractual conditions are met
    • appropriately managing and utilizing any space and instrumentation needed to complete the project;
    • assuring appropriate laboratory management
  • Exercises responsible fiscal control, ensures that funds are spent appropriately and within the sponsor and university/state guidelines
  • Assures regulatory compliance with policies such as Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Biosafety, Radiological Safety and FDA policies regarding clinical trials
  • Conducts the project using the highest ethical standards following the policies relating to integrity in research (Misconduct Policy) and declares any potential conflict of interest for themselves or any individual involved with the project that falls within the University Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Completes all close out and intellectual property requirements of the university and the sponsor; including but not limited to all interim and final technical reports, submission of invention disclosures and other reports as required
  • Participates in training regarding University policies, compliance issues, proposal improvement, and agency specific issues

Other research personnel:

  • Participate in relevant OSP training as necessary

Department/center/project financial officer:

  • Implements sponsor and University of Utah policy for preparation and review of research proposals
  • Assures that the appropriate indirect cost rates are being requested in sponsored project budgets
  • Follows sponsor and University of Utah guidelines for budget preparation and obtains internal approvals (administrative and compliance)
  • Implements sponsor and University of Utah requirements for project financial management, budgeting, re-budgeting, and timely close out
  • Provides day-to-day oversight of project financial management as delegated by PI or Dean/Chair/Program Director

Department chair/center director:

  • Affirms that Principal Investigator is eligible to be an investigator at the University of Utah
  • Affirms that PI has the knowledge, time and ability to work towards the completion of the scope of work of a project
  • Affirms that Department will take responsibility for conduct of an agreement if the PI is not capable, able or willing to complete the terms of the agreement, including over-expenditures or non-payment which are the result of fault by the PI
  • Affirms that the PI has the resources available, including equipment, space and support, to complete the scope of work or that support is requested in the proposal or that there is a pre-negotiated agreement with all appropriate University parties that the space, equipment and/or support will be provided if the award is made
  • Is aware of any cost sharing/matching commitments, of the source of the cost share/matching and assures necessary commitments will be in place prior to the award
  • Is aware of participation of co-PIs' participation, and if necessary, has negotiated a Facilities and Administrative split if the co-PIs are in different colleges
  • Affirms that co-PIs have the necessary resources as above
  • Promotes compliance with sponsor and University of Utah policies and regulations regarding the administration of sponsored projects

Deans office/designee:

  • In the circumstance where the Principal Investigator does not have a department Chair or Center director, the Dean (or designee) of the PI's college/school assumes the responsibilities of Chair/Director as outlined above
  • Promotes compliance with sponsor and University of Utah policies and regulations regarding the administration of sponsored projects

Executive administration:

  • Promotes University sponsored projects compliance efforts and programs
  • Assures that all policies in all areas of research compliance are in place and implemented as necessary for planning, conduct and reporting of research
  • Delegates implementation or oversight for compliance as appropriate
  • The Vice President for Research is responsible for matters of policy regarding sponsored projects administration and operation of the Office of Sponsored Projects

Conflict of Interest committee:

  • Receives reports of reviews of all financial disclosures from the University of Utah Designated Official (DO), the Director of OSP
  • Receives and acts on any apparent conflicts of interest reported by the DO

Environmental Health and Safety, Department:

  • Interprets policy in this compliance area
  • Takes action on non-compliance (notification of deficiency or delinquency to project director, notification to internal officials, and intervention as necessary to assure compliance)
  • Communicates and coordinates with OSP to inform of specific institutional compliance programs in place for specific projects prior to proposal submission

Governmental Accounting and Support Services:

  • Shares with OSP the formulation, implementation and interpretation of policies regarding allowable costs
  • Receives documentation for project setup upon receipt of award documentation
  • Assists Principal Investigator with procedural management of active research projects (post-award, financial, final reporting, and regulatory)
  • Responsible for invoicing and income on all sponsored projects

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee / Animal Resource Center:

  • Assures review and approval of all research using animals

Institutional Review Board:

  • Assures review and approval of all research using human subjects

Office of Internal Audit:

  • Provides information, analyses, and counsel to assist management in ethically, effectively, and efficiently fulfilling their management responsibilities
  • Examines, assesses and reports on accountability and controls
  • Recommends, as necessary, actions to improve: automated and manual systems of processing revenues and expenses, financial reporting, compliance with laws, regulations and internally developed policies and procedures and the safeguarding of assets

Radiological Health, Department:

  • Assures review and approval of protocols involving ionizing radiation sources or radioactive drugs

Institutional Biosafety Committee:

  • Assures review and approval of protocols involving recombinant DNA, viruses, bacteria, parasites

Office of Sponsored Projects:

  • Advocates and acts as steward for University and funding agency policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Serves as a resource and advisor to Principal Investigators and University staff regarding Federal, state and local government, and funding agencies' rules, regulations and procedures
  • Reviews all proposals prior to submission for accuracy, correctness and legal sufficiency, considering agency requirements and University policy
  • Monitor subrecipients
  • Prepares and maintains a pre-award and non-fiscal post award file for proper contract administration
  • Liaison to University departments, work units and organizations, and sponsors to ensure appropriate, accurate and timely contract administration
  • Verifies review and approval to Federal and University institutional compliance issues such as animal and human subjects compliance, biosafety and recombinant DNA
  • Maintains a sponsored project database for proposals, awards and other relevant information to provide University administration, colleges, departments and others with management information

Technology Transfer Office:

  • Responds to requests for variances on intellectual property rights
  • Reviews intellectual property clauses in sponsored research agreements upon request of OSP