Limited Submissions

While many funding agencies have no restrictions on the number of applications they will accept for a particular program, there are some that will accept only a limited number of applications from a given institution. Submitting too many proposals, whether knowingly or unknowingly, may result in the automatic rejection of all proposals from the University of Utah.

The Office of the Vice President for Research centralizes the limited submission process in order to ease the application process for interested candidates and to ensure that submission restrictions are met.

Application submission and internal selection for limited opportunities can be found either on:

  • ­CIS, under the “Employee” tab, within the “Research Administration” area, under the “Limited Submission and Intramural funding” heading.


  • Directly from Infoready, the Limited Submission hosting site.

**The opportunities found on Research Portal and InfoReady are for informational purposes and do not replace the actual program announcement that is posted on the agency's website**

Limited submission opportunities are also announced through @theU, a University weekly newsletter, and Researcher's Corner, the VPR Office blog. (If you would like to sign up visit List Sign Up, or email

Those wishing to have their proposal considered for a limited submission opportunity are required to submit an application and abstract in InfoReady by the internal deadline. Please check the specific announcement for program-specific information on campus application requirements. Candidates will be notified, in advance of the external deadline, by the Vice President for Research Office stating whether or not they have been selected to submit a proposal on behalf of the University. You can also check the status of the application through Research Portal.

If you identify a program which interests you and it is not listed on our site, would like more information, or have questions regarding the Limited Submissions Program, please contact

Committee Members

Michael Bastiani



Carl Thummel

Human Genetics


Jon Rainer



Katharine Ullman

Graduate School


Kristen A Keefe



Dana Carroll



Richard Dorsky

Neurobiology & Anatomy


Chris Ostrander

Office of the SR VP Academic Affairs


Cancer-Focused Research Limited Submission Opportunities

The following opportunities are managed by Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), in coordination with the Vice President for Research office. If you are interested in applying for any of the following, please contact Max Loveless or Diana Stafforini at HCI.

  • Gabrielle's Angel Cancer Research Foundation
    • Outstanding Junior Faculty Conventional Research Award
    • Outstanding Junior Faculty Complementary/Integrative Research Award
  • Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Individual Award
  • V Foundation
    • V Scholar Grant Award (Individual Award)
    • V Foundation Translational Grant (Research Team)
  • NCI: Single Submission RFA's (e.g. U10)
  • Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Awards
Last Updated: 10/10/17