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Travel Grant

Travel Grants Available to Visit Department of Defense Program Managers 

The Department of Defense has a number of funding opportunities for university faculty and students. Often, it is advantageous to meet personally with program managers in the area.  Travel grants are now available through the Vice President for Research office for up to $1000 to visit with DOD program managers.

To be eligible, you must first seek a potential program manager for your research. Please email for the list of program managers. Once you have made contact with your DOD manager, you may apply for a travel grant to visit them in person.

Limited funding is also available to attend DOD conferences to meet with program managers there. 


Application Process: 

To apply for travel funds, email the following information:

  1. Name and contact information of the traveler
  2. Program manager’s name and contact information
  3. Submit a 1-2 page document detailing the project you are proposing to the program manager
  4. The type of contact with the program manager (email/phone) and attach any email correspondence
  5. The approximate date for the visit
  6. Explain whether or not other funds are available to support the travel. (If startup, overhead, etc. are available, please use those first)

Travel Grant Submission Deadline: Ongoing

Last Updated: 2/22/17