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Collaborative Research Support Program

Program Description

The Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP) supports researchers in preparing large grant proposals. Support and funding is available for large groups of researchers (5 or more) who would like to submit grants for large collaborative projects (resulting in direct costs of over $1M per year). Collaboration on and off campus, collaboration with industry, collaborations between colleges, etc. are encouraged. Additional funding, up to $50k per project, is available through the Vice President for Research Office for additional expenses such as travel for collaborative proposal development, buying out of courses to enable proposal development, funding for post docs, etc. to assist in the proposal preparation, and similar expenses incurred to prepare the proposal.

There are no specific funding deadlines, and funding will be evaluated and provided on a case-by-case basis. This program supports the preparation of the proposal itself and provides a professional grant writer and assistance with proposal preparation costs. Collaborations with on and off campus researchers, industry, and government agencies are encouraged. The Collaborative Research Support Program is distinct from the university's other intramural programs supporting research. To request equipment necessary for a research project, a proposal should be submitted to the Research Instrumentation Fund competition. The Seed Grant program is intended to support the collection of pilot data needed for submission of an extramural research grant. Learn more about funding for commercialization.

Preference will be given to programs that:

  1. Have strong potential to generate large extramural funding
  2. Build on existing university research strengths
  3. Facilitate future strategic research directions
  4. Incorporate a strong collaborative research team from multiple departments and colleges
  5. Have the potential for high positive impact on society

CRSP project managers assist researchers with nontechnical aspects of proposal preparation such as budget preparation, biosketch formatting, CAD and table creation, meeting scheduling, cost share (when required), space acquisition, project and communication plan writing, education and diversity plan writing, etc. In addition, CRSP project managers assist faculty groups of any size with customized, targeted funding searches. Assistance from CRSP project managers are subject to availability and will refer researchers to additional resources if a CRSP project manager is unavailable.  An overview of tasks completed by CRSP project managers is provided below.

Applicant Eligibility

Applications are accepted at any time during the year. The Principal Investigator must be tenure-track or tenured faculty in residence at the University of Utah at the time of application with an appointment of at least 0.75 FTE. The remainder of the team (if applicable) may include researchers at the University of Utah, other universities, industry partners, etc.

Program Application and Evaluation Process

Please contact Dawn Porter (801.809.4907) in the Office of Sponsored Projects to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your project, project timeline, and determine how the CRSP program can help you. Potential projects will be reviewed by the Vice President for Research, Associate Vice Presidents for Research in consultation with the deans and/or department chairs or equivalent of the faculty involved.

Projects will be evaluated using this set of criteria:

  1. Is there strong potential to generate large extramural funding?
  2. Does this proposal build on existing university research strengths?
  3. Does the proposal facilitate future strategic research directions?
  4. Does the pI or team have the expertise to compete effectively for the extramural funding?
  5. Does the PI or team demonstrate strong collaborative between multiple departments and colleges?
  6. Does the research have the potential for high positive impact on society?
  7. Are the resources needed for a competitive proposal available?

Grant Administration

If funds are allocated for proposal preparation, the Principal Investigator is responsible for the administration of grant funds. In particular, he/she must be certain that over-expenditures do not occur. The PI is responsible for meeting with the AVP for Research periodically as defined in the work plan for the proposal preparation to ensure that the work is progressing as planned.

If you have questions about the program in general, please contact Dr. Cynthia Furse, Associate Vice President for Research (801.581.7236).

If you have questions about applying for this program, please contact Karen Krapcho (801.585.0202) in the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Last Updated: 10/24/17