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Research Incentive Seed Grant

February 2017 Awards

Name Department Project Title Award Amount

Mahdi Nazm Bojnordi

School of Computing Designing Memory System Architectures for IoT Devices


Rong-Rong Chen Electrical and Computer Engineering Biophysical Model-based Reconstruction for Diffusion Imaging $33,250.00
Gianluca Lazzi Electrical and Computer Engineering Efficient Wireless Power Charging for Electric Vehicles $33,250.00
Roseanne Warren Mechanical Engineering Metal Organic Framework-Derived Carbons for Sodium-Ion Battery Anodes $33,245.25
Milind Deo Chemical Engineering Biomineralization of Carbon Dioxide  $33,250.00
Samantha Joel Psychology Decision strategies for investing in new relationships $31,844.00
Tara L. Deans Bioengineering Decellularized bone marrow: a novel material for tissue engineering $33,250.00
Wolfgang Baehr Ophthalmology In situ correction of mouse retina degeneration 1 (rd1) with dual sgRNAmediated CRISPR/Cas gene editing $33,342.15
 Jeffrey Moore Geology & Geophysics Resonance and fatigue in geological features stimulated by anthropogenic transit sources $33,229.10
Jiyoung Chang Mechanical Engineering Nano/micro scale 3D printing of polymers using near-field electrospinning $32,395.00
Lei Zhang Radiology Quantitative mapping of calf-muscle oxygenation with magnetic resonance imaging $20,360.00
Craig Bryan  Psychology  Integrating Early and Immediate Psychological Intervention Following Orthopedic Trauma Surgery to Prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder  $33,205.35
Paul Sigala Biochemistry Identification of Novel Covalent Heme Proteins in Malaria Parasites  $33,250.00
Sara Yeo  Communication  Framing Humor in Science Communication: An Effective Online Tool?  $29,440.00
Bhagirath Chaurasia Nutrition and Integrative Physiology How adipose ceramides modulates adipose tissue browning/beiging $33,250.00
Anna R. Docherty Psychiatry Modeling the Molecular Genetic Overlap of Suicide, Major Depressive Disorder, and Schizophrenia $17,336.50
Fan-Chi Lin Geology and Geophysics  Imaging the Cascadia Subduction Zone with unprecedented detail using receiver function and dense geophone arrays  $17,382.50
Jake Abbott Mechanical Engineering  Robot-assisted Tele-echocardiography to Diagnose Newborn Congenital Heart Defects  $14,960.00
Josh Bonkowsky Pediatrics Characterization, Genetic Analysis, and Outcomes of Pediatric Epilepsy:A Retrospective Population-Based Study of the Genetic Background and Clinical Outcomes of Pediatric Patients with Epilepsy  $17,500.00
Thomas Zangle  Chemical Engineering  Microfluidic device for single cell quantification of metabolic rate  $17,500.00 
Andrea Brunelle  Geography  Understanding the role of wildfire in perpetuating Utah's ancient aspen 


Wenda Tan  Mechanical Engineering  Freeze Casting Fabrication of Porous Metal Matrix Nano-Composites  $17,380.00 
Anthea Letsou Human Genetics  Choreographing Jun protein stability: The role of phosphorylation  $17,500.00 
Bruce Gale Mechanical Engineering Integrated Nanotoxicology on a Chip  $17,500.00 
Seth Keeton  Music SongHelix, an online reference work that makes the discovery of related Art Song possible in a revolutionary new way  $14,820.00 

Awards Summary

Proposals funded 25 
Proposals submitted 62
Total Awards: $648,019.50
Last Updated: 1/9/18