Funding Incentive Seed Grant

February 2016 Awards

Name Department Project Title Award Amount

Braxton Osting

Mathematics Multiscale Sparsification of Simplicial Complexes


Cecil (Jay) Jordan Writing & Rhetoric Studies  Embedded Writing Support in a Faculty-Led Engineering Lab  $18,258
Christopher Duval Theatre   Warrior Girls Project  $34,948
David Schurig Electrical & Computer Engineering  Multi-functional RF system leveraging Ka-band Commercial Off-The-Shelf Integrated Circuits.  $35,000
Dmitry Bedrov Materials Science & Engineering   Novel Polyrotaxane-based gels: Materials-by-design using multiscale modeling approach  $35,000
Edward DiBella Radiology  New MRI methods applied to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction   $34,260
Erhu Cao Biochemistry Pharmacology of Polycystic Kidney Disease Proteins   $19,950
Eric Eddings Chemical Engineering  Production of Hydrogen Through Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Coal using TiO2 Nanotube Arrays   $17,460
Eric Handman Modern Dance FLOCK: A software-development collaboration between Modern Dance, Autism Research and the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program's GApp Lab for Therapeutic Games and Apps.  $32,920
Harish Maringanti Librarian/Professor  Data Management and Archival Needs of the Patagonian Right Whale Program Data  $15,000
Jaehee Yi Social Work A Pilot Study of the Telehealth Photo Storytelling Intervention   $27,720
Jan D. Miller Metallurgical Engineering Advanced HNT Nanocomposite Electrolyte for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries  $17,500
Jan L. Christian Neurobiology and Anatomy Regulation of Bone morphogenetic Protein Activity by Interactions with the Extracellular Matrix $35,000
Jeremiah Alt Surgery Glycosaminoglycan-base Therapy For Chronic Rhinosinusitis $35,000
Joel B. Harley Electrical & Computer Engineering  Ultrasonic Characterization and Inspection of 3D Printed Metals $34,999
Massood Parvania Electrical & Computer Engineering  Hierarchical Resiliency Control in Smart Cities $33,750
Melissa Cortez Neurology Multimodal autonomic assessment in post-traumatic headache $17,500
Michael Deininger Oncological Sciences Rational Design of Selective Inhibitors of the Lysine Deacylase, SIRT5: A New Targeted Therapeutic Approach for Acute Myeloid Leukemia $35,000
Richard R. Paine  Anthropology  Population and Ecology at the Pre-Classic Maya Center of El Mirador, Guatemala (2350 BP-1850 BP) $34,650
Robert Bowles  Bioengineering Genetically Engineered Injectable Cell/Biomaterial System For Controlled Extracellular Matrix Deposition in the Degenerative Intervertebral Disc $17,321
Rosemarie Hunter Social Work Understanding the Context and Issues Contributing to the Migration of Unaccompanied Women, Minors and Families (urban refugees and asylum seekers) in Bangkok, Thailand. $31,100
Ryan E. Smith Architecture International Knowledge Management in Off-Site Construction $35,000
Sarah E. Bush Biology Conditions of engagement: Are hosts more likely to resist or tolerate parasites under different environmental conditions? $14,719
Satoshi Minoshima Radiology Enhanced Production of Radioisotopes using Capture Gamma Recoil $21,426
Sihem Boudina Nutrition The Role of Oct1 in Brown/Beige Adipogenesis $17,500
Yongmei Ni Educational Leadership & Policy Exploring the Effects of the Educational Leadership Preparation Programs in Utah $30,629
Yue Zhang Internal Medicine Autism Spectrum Disorder Clustering: A Machine Learning Approach Using Multiple Information Sources. $35,000

Awards Summary

Proposals funded 29
Proposals submitted 66
Total Awards: $751,610