Research Instrumentation Fund Faculty Awards - January 2016

Name Department Project Title Award Amount
Spear, Ashley Mechanical Engineering

Precision Microstructure Evaluation Supporting Advanced 3D Metals Manufacturing (EDS/EBSD on dbFIB)


Hagenhofer-Daniell, Benjamin

School of Architecture

3 Axis high Speed CNC Router for Advanced Manufacturing and Prototyping


Buck-Koehntop, Bethany


Upgrade request to improve small-angle scattering capabilities at the University of Utah

Saouma, Caroline Chemistry

Annealing Oven for the Department of Chemistry Glassblowing Shop

Chou, Hung-Chieh Biochemistry

High-Capacity Freeze Dryer

Miller, Jan Metallurgical Engineering

Replacement of FTIR Spectrometer for Surface and Interface Research

Hoffman, John Radiology

PET Synthesis Module for the Study of Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory Disorders

Prchal, Josef Internal Medicine

Hypoxic Suite equipment (HypOxystation H35): Effects of Oxygen and Hypoxia on various human systems

Albright, Lisa Internal Medicine

Enhancements to the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory Biorepository

Ranjan, Ravi Internal Medicine

Optical Mapping System for Cardiac Electrophysiology


Awards Summary

Awards Made 10
Applications Received 21
Total Amount Awarded: $489,705.56