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Distinguished Scholarly & Creative Research Awards

Instructions to Applicants

The Distinguished Scholarly and Creative Research Awards were established as a means of recognizing University of Utah tenured faculty members in all disciplines who have made significant scholarly contributions to their fields. No more than three awards are made for the following academic year and consists of a grant of $10,000 to pursue research or creative pursuits.

Selection is made on the basis of the significance and quality of research or creative achievements. The award recognizes lifelong accomplishments by considering the extent to which they represent a major breakthrough or advance in the field, are intellectually distinctive or creative, and contribute to improvement and enrichment in the human condition. Recognition of one’s work by experts of national and international reputation is an indicator of its importance; hence, evaluations from outside the University are also considered. Only tenured faculty who have been at the University of Utah for a minimum of eight years are eligible to receive this award. Nominations may be made by any faculty member, department, or college within the University. The deadline for nominations is October 15, by 5:00 PM; e-mail nominations to

Nominees will be grouped into one of three categories based upon discipline: 1) the colleges of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Mines and Earth Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Graduate School of Social Work; 2) the College of Fine Arts, College of Architecture and Planning, and Creative Writing in the College of Humanities; and 3) the colleges of Business, Humanities, Law, and Graduate School of Education. 

The following material should be submitted in support of the professor’s nomination:

  1. A letter of nomination from the faculty member, department, or college making the nomination, should summarize the nominee’s relevant accomplishments, with particular attention to such questions as the impact of the nominee’s contributions on his/her chosen field, evidence of originality and creativity, and probable long-range significance of his/her work. Descriptions of the nominee’s work should be written so as to be understood by informed scholars outside of the nominee’s field. Nominations should be e-mailed to with the subject line "DSCRA Nomination for" followed with the nominees last name.  Please limit the nomination to a two-page maximum.
  2. An electronic copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae, and a list of five letter writers (with their contact information), should be sent in conjunction with the nomination letter to
  3. Up to six final candidates will be selected from the initial nominations, and external recommendation letters will be solicited for these finalists.
  4. The committee will solicit letters of recommendation from five recognized experts in the field who are familiar with the nominee's work. Obviously the opinions of nationally and internationally recognized experts are most persuasive. Letters are to be received by the Vice President for Research Office no later than January 5, 2018. A list of the experts and a short statement as to their qualifications or a copy of their bibliography from a source such as "American Men and Women of Science" will be helpful to the committee.

Letters of recommendation are to be sent to the University Research Committee, Vice President for Research Office, University of Utah, 201 S Presidents Circle, Rm. 210, Salt lake City, Utah 84112-9011 or may be emailed to

If there are any questions about this process, please contact VPRgrants@utah.eduor you may also contact Joanne Yaffe (801-581-4829), Chair of the URC Committee.

Last Updated: 9/12/17