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Research Administration Units

Genetic and Epidemiologic Research (RGE)

RGE governs access to the Utah Population Database (UPDB), which contains computerized genealogies of the early Utah settlers and their descendants. These individuals have been linked to other data sets including cancer records, birth and death certificates, census records, and HCFA data. These confidential data are only available for approved biomedical and health related research.

Institutional Review Boards (IRB)

The IRBs review all proposed research projects involving human subjects. Thesis and dissertation topics dealing with human subjects must be submitted to the IRBs following colloquium approval. The IRBs must assure: the rights of subjects are protected, adequate and informed consent of the participant is obtained, participation is voluntary, and any possible benefit of research is commensurate with the risks involved. Approval must be obtained prior to data collection, and will not be granted retroactively.

Office of Comparative Medicine (OCM)

Responsible for university facilities where animals used in research are housed. In close association with the IACUC, OCM monitors all animal research for compliance with rules and regulations pertaining to the use of animals. Our primary responsibility is to assure the university and state and federal governments that animals used in research are appropriately housed, cared for, and treated humanely. OCM is also responsible for training all students and staff who handle and care for animals, as well as monitoring the health of all animal handlers/care givers.

Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)

OSP provides assistance in submitting competitive proposals seeking external support for research, education and training. Prior to submission to potential sponsors, proposals are routed through OSP for technical and fiscal review. OSP's role is to assure university compliance with sponsor requirements and general fiduciary oversight, including but not limited to federal procurement, budgetary and reporting regulations, and state and private requirements.

Radiological Health

Oversees the use of all radioactive material and ionizing radiation-producing devices at the University of Utah in accordance with federal and state radiation control regulations, and according to the university's broad-scope radioactive materials license issued by the State of Utah.

Research Integrity & Compliance

Provides education and training programs to assist faculty and staff in promoting compliance and integrity in all research activities. It reviews conflict of interest issues, allegations of research misconduct, and ensures the protection of human and non-human subjects involved in sponsored research projects.

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