Advisory Committees

Faculty Awards Nomination Committee

Chair:  Michael Bastiani 
Phone:  801-581-8605

Conflicts of Interest Advisory Committee

Director:  Jahn Barlow                                    Chair:  Bruce Gale
Phone:  801-581-6351                                    Phone:  801-581-7303
Email:                      Email:

Funding Incentive Seed Grant Program Committee

Co-chair:  Michael Sanguinetti                       Co-chair:   Aaron Fogelson
Phone:  801-581-3058                                      Phone:  801-581-8150
Email:                Email: 

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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Phone:  801-581-5950

Institutional Biosafety Committee

Associate Director:  Neil Bowles
Phone:  801-585-7574

Institutional Review Board

Director:  John Stillman                                  Chair:  Gerald Treiman
Phone:  801-581-3655                                    Phone:  801-585-7519


Radioactive Drug Research Committee and Human Use Subcommittee of RSC

Chair:  Scott Miller
Phone:  801-581-5638

Radiation Safety Committee

Safety Officer:  Karen Langley                         Chair:  Randy Jensen
Phone:  801-581-6141                                       Phone:  801-581-6141
Email:                            Email:

Reactor Safety Committee

Chair:  James Byrne

Research Instrumentation Committee

Chair:  Andrew S. Weyrich
Phone:  801-581-7236

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Research Misconduct Committee

Integrity Officer:  Jeffrey Botkin
Phone:  801-581-7171

RGE Review Committee

Chair:  John Hurdle
Phone:  801-213-3232

University Research Committee

Chair:  Leslie Francis
Phone:  801-581-4289

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*If you are interested in serving on the Seed Grant Committee or the University Research Committee, please indicate your interest on the Faculty Questionnaire distributed to faculty every year in February or send an e-mail to